Will a Kinergetics KBA 75 amp power Dahlquist DQ10

I have a pair of Dahlquist DQ10's (with an Audio Pro sub) Currently I'm driving those with a Counterpoint Solid 1. Fantastic soundstage but a bit lean. Someone suggested that I try a KBA 75. Thoughts anyone?
In my opinion, Kinergetics 75 is a step in the wrong direction. Your Counterpoint has more power. Watts aren't everything when comparing amps, but DQ-10 are extremely inefficient at 85 dB. In my experience, a high-current 200 watt amp made a significant improvement in the midbass and low end. What is your budget? You don't have to spend an arm and a leg to get good results, *but* you'll get better results with a better amp. The DQ-10 will rise to the occasion if given the chance. Have you seen this:

Review: Dahlquist DQ-10 Speaker.

Personally, I found McCormack DNA-1 and Parasound HCA-1500a to give excellent results. The reviewer above used Bryston 4B. Another commonly used amp is Adcom GFA-555.

I hope this helps.
I have owned the DQ10's on couple of occasions (in the 70's)...they need power (and current). I used the HK Citation 16 and GAS Ampzilla. If on a budget, a couple of suggestions....Odyssey Stratos or an Eagle 2 (or 2C -- or maybe even a Counterpoint Solid 2 which is 2x the power). Either are very good....however, the Solid One is a damn good little amp (I had one that drove some Legacy Focus with excellent results). I have a feeling the lean issue is not the amp. You may just need more watts. One other suggestion, Classe amps are known for being "thicker" sounding. Don't even consider a tube amp. Here is another sugestion....get a tube preamp..that will provide more body. A good budget unit is the Audible Illusions L1 or M3.
I have a Kinergetics KBA-75 powering DQ20s. Sounds excellent. I think they are a great match. I tried the Parasound HCA-2200 II and definitely like the Kinergetics better. I did clean out the crud around the fan though since it runs hot even with fan. I taped two pieces of tissue paper above fan exhaust so I can quickly check if I have good airflow.
I would really appreciate an e-mail if you have a schematic or owner's guide I could make a copy offor the KBA-75
I don't question the match between KBA-75 and DQ-20, but the DQ-10 is a completely different speaker. The 20 is easier to drive and goes deeper. If you want to get the most out of your 10s, look for a high-current amp rated at more than 150 watts per channel. There are dozens of other DQ-10 owners that will tell the same thing. Check out the Yahoo Dahlquist Group.
I own the Alon V MKIIs and the KBA-75 sounds really good with them. They are 87db. I also own a Counterpoint SA-220 that has the new modifications. It also works great with them. They both drive the speakers well and I don't feel the need for more power with the KBA versus the SA-220 at 220wpc. The modified SA-220 is a better sounding amp as well as it should with all the modifications it has. The Kinergetics has a great midrange for a SS amp but lacks some air in comparison. While the specs say 75wpc it really pushes closer to 130wpc and it is a class A amp so it has enough current capacity. I will get you the only part of the schematic I have and if you find more let me know. I have a tech who can probably fix one if yours ever requires repair. I may modify mine at some point inthe future but I am not ready yet.

Happy Listening.
I am about to buy a used Kinergetics KBA-75. Can you tell me if it's worth to buy it with a Revel Concerta F-12 speakers?