Will a Denon D 103 work with Benz lukaschek PP1 ??

Dear Friends finally I purchased a 2nd hand Lukaschek phono stage in the trust I made purchase of a good product.
Now I am out of money and looking for a budget but quality MC cart. Cannot probably afford to a Benz (unless you tell me the budget ones are good too)

I would like to give a try to a Denon 103 D.

My concern is the unplayable input impedance of 22K of the Lukaschek. Does this will be a problem ??

Eventually which other cartridge do you recommend?
Tks very much
The cartridge will work through your Benz, but the loading will not be correct. However, some people actually prefer having their MC cartridges loaded high, or even unloaded at 47k. So it is possible that you may find it acceptable. There is certainly enough gain there for the Denon, so you can determine yourself if you like the effects of the 22k loading.

To make specific recommendations of cartridges, we must know that tonearm you have. And an approximate budget.
Tks for replying ! I have a SME 309 over a PT Export !! The budget for the cart has to be 400 USD Maximum as unfortunately money are over with the Lukaschek.
I understood that, in spite of the low compliance,Denond is OK with the SME 309.
Denon 103 is well reputed and it was the idea to enter in the magic of MC; in future upgrade to a......Benz cart ????? Tks for your comment and excuse me if I wrote you directly.
What about the case of a good deal for Ortofon Kontrapunkt A or a Dynavector 20 XL ???
Tks if you will spend some more time for me, I appreciate
Hi. For the SME 309, there are alot of good cartridges that could work well. The Denon 103D will work fine, as will the other DL103 series cartridges, and so will the Dynavector, and the Ortofon. If you like a Benz cartridge, the LO.4 is one of the best of their offerings. For your current budget, any of the DL103 series will be the best you can get, and I would recommend the 103R. For the future, at under $1k, the Shelter 501 Mk 2 is the best in that category, in my opinion.
Dear TWL just a confirmation that I understood well !
You said the Denon will work ok with the SME 309 but the loading with the PP1 will not be ideal.
TWL, in your opinion it is advisible to give a try ?
In other words, success 70% or what??
True that the cost of the Denon is not sky high and in the worst scenario I could resell it, just want to know if there is a chance the sound will be more than acceptable.

Doesnt' it exists a similar cart to denon that qualitywise is a better matching with the PP1 ??
Have I bought a difficult monster ?
Tks oncemore
I think that the Denon will be okay with that 22k loading, but not at its best. However, the sonic changes may, or may not be to your liking. Only you can tell that. I don't think it will destroy the sound, only create a little more air, and a rise in the high frequency response. Some people like that sound. I still think that the DL103 series will give you the best sound in your price range, even if it is not loaded exactly right.
The Benz PP1 is a very good unit, but it has a limitation in this area of loading. If you continue with the low-output MC cartridges, it will be a continuing cause of consternation, because you will not be able to load your cartridges properly. If you want to only use the Benz cartridges that are designed to work in this loading, then you will be ok, but I think that there are alot of cartridges that could provide better performance than the Benz, and they will need different loading. I personally think that the high quality Japanese cartridges are the best ones going, and they need loading around 100 ohms. You may want to contact Benz, and ask them about this problem, and see if they have a recommendation of how you can make changes to this loading by possibly using resistors parallelled across the input terminals.