Will a Chord Hugo 2 make a music streamer addition obsolete?

Gonna make an investment in a Chord Hugo 2, for Tidal streaming (directly into my MacBook Pro) and CD playback.

Is my query (essentially) correct?

I use Arcam monos/pre (nearing 15 years of usage) with B&W 804s floor standing speakers. With the $ saved, I plan to upgrade with a pair REL s/510s subs instead (but that’s a discussion for another day).




Hugo isn't a streamer.  You still need a streamer and a computer as a streamer sucks.

So I don't understand your question.


If you add a 2Go to your Hugo 2, it will add a functional streamer that serves as a roon end-point, accepts external storage, etc...  That said, you can add any streamer to the Hugo 2 but the 2Go is an elegant and portable solution.  

Full disclosure, I am a Chord dealer.  

Ok, thanks all.

I was hoping your answers would read that the DAC is so good, a streamer wouldn’t make a noticeable difference. 

I have the Hugo2 and run it off Qobuz on my phone into Noble Viking Ragnars and it sounds so good I sometimes can't even take it, it makes the music so emotional.  

On my home system, I run Audirvana with no streamer and have insane sounding audio.  I'm not sure what a streamer brings?

The Chord Hugo 2 is a DAC/Preamp/Headphone amp. By itself it has no ability to receive a streaming signal.  While, as others have noted, you can use a PC to send a streaming signal to the DAC, this does not give a good quality signal. PCs tend to be very noisy because of all the other computing functions under way. That's why everyone is recommending a stand-alone streamer to pair with your Hugo.






You guys rock! 

So, I think I’m going to spend the coin for a Hugo2/ 2Go combo because it 
solves several problems for me: high end DAC, streamer (removing PC noise), a headphone jack, and it’s a setup I can probably live with for many years.

Re: Audirvana, I went the software route with Amarra SQ+ but I didn’t really dig it, most because the software is an awful mess and so unreliable.




Unfortunately the DAC will not make up for a bad streamer… like a PC.


My rule of thumb is that you want to just as carefully chose and invest about the same amount in a streamer as DAC. My streamer is actually about 20% more than my DAC and absolutely worth it.


My digital end sounds as good as my excellent high end analog end.


I recommend Aurender streamers. I own two and have tried others.

Good plan.  Hugo is a good DAC.  Good choice.

You can of course use your PC until you get money/time/research done to buy a streamer.


I just read in a Chord Qutest forum that one of the RCA outputs can be used to run headphones (confirmed by R. Watts) so maybe I’ll go with Qutest, save $2k, add in a LPS and figure out the streamer later.

I’m so changeable!

Chord makes great stuff but it won’t replace network players ie streamers as we call them now. I went the computer/bluos route for many years and when I finally evolved from using a computer it was like night and day, I agree with @carlsbad, “it sucked.” In addition to a variety of functional things, the noise level a computer puts out kills the party. Do yourself a favor and don’t go there. 

I would not say that a streamer is equally as important as a DAC but it is important. I tried to use a PC, MAC etc and it was noisy.  I went with a BlueSound Node 2i and had that for years and it was great, then I upgraded the DAC....then upgraded the streamer.  I prefer Auralic due to build quality and user interface.  I won't spend money on Roon so a strong user interface is great and Auralic has one. Also out of all the major streamers only Auralic provides all three: Qobuz, Tidal, & Amazon. About to make one more tweak to the DAC section and then I should be calling it... Used Bluesound nodes are a good place to start and they are rock solid....  They also support all three major services!   (Auralic G1, Denafrips Ares II)



Your input is rock solid. I’m going to pull the trigger on a Bluesound Node this week. Guys from Chord will demo gear in my area in May, with special pricing, at which time I’ll buy the Qutest, and a LPS+ LINEAR POWER SUPPLY from LTA.

I attended a demo session recently and it blew me away, can barely listen to my own system anymore. Im very excited to make these key updates so I can enjoy music again!


I have the Node N130 with a linear power supply and a good USB cable and am surprisingly pleased. Even without the the power supply, it’s hands down better than using a Desktop/Laptop.

All the best!


Stay with your original choice of the Hugo2 or if you can swing the extra $, the Hugo TT.  They are much better than the QuTest.  As others have informed you all of the Chords are not streaming DACs.  You will realize better sound with a streamer over a PC. You can do with the Chord 2Go or an Auralic or Aurender …. or one of the two latter’s streaming DACs.  If you go with a streamer look at connections.  I believe the Hugo does not have a USB in and some lower model Aurenders do not have a SPDIF out.  You will need a USB-SPDIF converter going that route.  Depending on your budget, a Hugo with a good streamer is approaching $7 preowned.   If you can swing another $3k you can get a preowned DCS Bartok streaming DAC without a headphone amp and not have to look back because of DCS’s upgrade policy and having one of the best DACs available.   The Bartok is in the league of preowned  Chord Dave for the same $ preowned but gives you streaming as a plus.   I am saving my pennies for the DCS but it’s a lot of pennies.  




Bought the Node! (Step 1 of the master plan)


@jsalerno277  With this purchase, the Chord Hugo2/ 2Go route is off the table. My system adheres to a budget ethos (for any one component that is) so the TT2 isn’t an option but compared to my current DAC (Ifi Zen 1), the Qutest should make me quite happy. Until then, I’ll use the Node’s DAC and enjoy a much better sound 🤞

I'm using a Bluesound Vault2i to store all of my ripped CDs and stream them along with Radio Paradise.  

I was dissatisfied with the Bluesound DAC so I upgraded to the Chord Qutest and added an Allo Shanti linear power supply.

You have many options depending on how much you want to spend.

The Lucky Audiophile



Congrats on your purchase.  The Node is a nice sounding server with good ergonomics.  It will be much better than a PC upstream of your DAC.  It will remove radiated and  power supply noise audible as hash in the background, improve detail, and remove “digital glare” producing  a more organic sound. Enjoy your upgrade journey.  

I would recommend a streamer with built in room correction from either Anthem or NAD.

Allo Shanti dual LPS ordered.  Reviews for this are great, cost was reasonable and I’ll be able to use it with both the Node & Chord Qutest (Step 2)


Hey Mike, I bought the Node and the Allo Shanti as well but can’t connect them. The node comes with a 2-prong e55943 type-A power cord (female) while the Shanti has a type single node DC (female). For the life of me, can’t find an adapter. I bought a set on Amazon but no love. Can you help? Thanks, C.

Sorry, but the problem is that I'm using the Allo Shanti with my Qutest DAC and the cord fits right into it.

The Blusound stuff has different cords/connectors and I have no idea how to adapt the AS PS to them.

Hopefully you can return the AS.

The Lucky Audiophile