Will a ALEPH 3 match with an 87 db monit

I have a pair of Gershman Acoustics X-1s, which are 87db in efficiency. Although I have a 200watt per channel amp, an Nak Stasis PA-7, I have been mystified at the possibility of matching them with the ALEPH 30 watt per channel amp. I have heard that the monitors need at least 75 watts, according to SOUNDSTAGE. Am I setting myself for a fall if I get the ALEPH, or will it work for me. I am not a headbanger, and I usually turn up the volume less the NOON position.
I tried to use the Aleph 3 with a pair of NHT super zeros, and found that I couldn't play much over 80-85 Db without overdriving the amp. I think that the NHTs are 87 db sensitive as well. I hope this doesn't scare you away from Pass Labs amps as they are awesome. They make the Aleph 5 which is the same as the 3 but it has 60 watts and the addition of balanced imputs as well as unbalanced. I've seen them used for about 1900.00
The Aleph 3 will drive the speakers, but I think even if you don't play loud pounding music, the little bit of extra headroom would still be missed long term . You could do as Ejlif suggested and go with an Aleph 5 or also consider the 40 watt Aleph 0 Stereo amp ( only 40 watts at 8 ohms, but it plays more like the Aleph 5's 60 watts because the Aleph 0 has deeper current due to it's third gain stage ) . Also, I'd budget for a decent preamp as well or you'll lose much of what the Aleph's can do ...On a budget the Adcom GFP-750 is not bad with the Aleph amps, though a non-remote used Aleph P at around $1200 used would be even better . Regards, Martin .
a close call the speakers ohm load is I believe 8 to 5 ohms the pass is only 30 watts at 8 and 60 at 4 but they are a good 30 watts why not try to bring the amp home and try it before you buy it