Will a Aerial Acoustic CC5 work w Rockport Atria

I purchased a pair of Rockport Atria. Aside from buying an additional Atria for the center, I decided to rely on a Aerial Acoustic cc5 center channel. I think they should do okay for movies but obviously not multichannel music(which I do not plan on using the Aerial for).

The sensitivity for the Aerial cc5 is 88 and has an impedance of 4 ohms while the Rockport has a 87.5 sensitivity and 4 ohms.

I am using a Sim Audio Titan(which is close to the old W5) using a Classe SSP-800 pre/pro. Using Cardas Clear light speaker cables and Cardas clear interconnects.

Do you think the Aerial cc5 will work?
The Aerial cc5 will mate fine with your atrias. Sure, it would be best with all aerial acoustics up front, but, you will be very pleased. There are boundary compensation and treble switches on the aerial to help with matching. The center channel provides 80% of the ht experience, so, having the aerial center will improve the overall sonic performance of your system.

As long as you calibrate the speakers to equal spl levels the difference in sensitivities will not matter as long as your amp can handle the most difficult load. In your case you will be fine as the Titan is a very capable amplifier.
Have you tried using your Rockport's with the processor sent to phantom center. Primary center use is targeted towards vocals so unless you are going to have very off center seating where the middle channel speaker is necessary to keep the dialogue coming from the middle of the screen, you may be surprised at how well the phantom center setup works especially when you have speakers that will image as well as yours do. If you have tried the phantom and found it's not to your liking the Aerial cc5 should certainly do the trick!
Yeung , where are you located?
Did you ever go with the CC5?