Wilco on Austin City Limits

I saw them on Austin City Limits recently and was really impressed with this band. They have a great sound, interesting lyrics and Nels Cline is an absolute MF on the guitar.

Anybody heard Nels new album?
I have Nels Cline Singers "Draw Breath", "Destroy all Nels Cline", and "Downpour(Live)." They are all fine, with melodic lyrical playing that is recognizably Wilco and evocative of Allmans "Eat a Peach," side-by-side with wild compositions more from the NYC loft jazz scene. IMO Cline is the best guitarist working at the boundary between rock & jazz.
Nels is a phenom on the guitar. I've seen him live quite a few times and he and his bands are always great.

Pretty much it seems anything he is involved with is pretty solid. His new album is great too. One older possibly overlooked album of his is "Chest" it's a trio with bass and drums, maybe from around 97? I picked it up on vinyl and it is one of my favortites. Another great one is "Destroy All"

A lot of Nels' fans were bummed to hear he had joined Wilco, thinking it was to straight a band for a guy of his talent. I think it has been a good addition and if anything has probably opened up the eyes of some to the subtle talent of Wilco. I am one of those. It's nice to see that Nels has no indication of slowing down on his other projects either.
I caught Wilco twice this year, once at Massey Hall in Toronto and once at the Fox theatre in Detroit and both were in my top 3 shows of 2007(out of 50-65 that I saw this year). They are really at the top of their game right now and have honed their live performance to become one of the top live bands out there. Plus it's great music, Jeff Tweedy is one of the greatest songwriters going these days. For those of you who haven't heard it yet, Yankee Hotel Foxtrot is a modern classic, think Music From Big Pink for the new generation. Sounds fantastic on vinyl also.
The song "Thanks I get" that is on the Volkswagon commercials, great song is it on any album?
Yeah that is on "sky blue sky"
Ejlif, Are you sure ?
I went to Amazon to veiw the track listings and "that's the thanks I get " is not listed on thta CD.
Sky Blue Sky is the correct album. Thanks I Get is not the name of a song on Sky Blue Sky or any other Wilco album. There are actually several different VW commercials with songs from Sky Blue Sky so, I am not sure what song you are thinking Thanks I get is. Pick it up and you will not be disappointed.
Wilco is one of my favorite bands. Every release is a bit different from the rest.
"The Thanks I Get" is not on any release. Although it was offered as a extra as a download with purchase of the Sky Blue Sky album when it was first released.

here is a link to a nice performance of the song from Tweedy's solo dvd Sunken' Treasure". I was fortunate enough to be at this show in Portland.

Based on a review in either Stereophile or Absolute Sound, I ran out and bought Wilco's Hotel Yankee Foxtrot. After one listen, I immediately gave it to a friend. Maybe it's my age (57), but I've found very little rock music being recorded today that I enjoy (as much as the old classics of the 60s & 70s). I have two tests for music. First, do I catch myself tapping my foot while I listen to the song/CD? And second, do I find myself humming the song later in the day? This band/CD failed both tests for me. I'm in no way dissing your taste in music. I'm just frustrated that I'm stuck in the past and can't break free. Pray for me.
Most music from unfamiliar bands take more then one listen for it to sink in for me. The extra few spins helps me find new music. Some times you just have to sit with it for it to sink in. YHF was one Wilco recored that was that way for me. As time passed and with many listens it's now one of my desert island disc.

You should rent the Sam Jones film on the making of the recored called "I'm Trying To Break your Heart" It might be easier for someone unfamiliar with the Band and the recored to be entertained. And maybe give the music a better chance of touching you.

I'm 44 and i am still looking for new music. no matter if its from a new band or a old band i just had not been exposed to.
I think you are refering to the song "you are my face" I know that was in a commercial I heard. That is on Sky Blue Sky.

Come on Rockyboy, you should give Sky Blue Sky a chance, it's a lot more "normal" than YFH. It's very easy to like, as are a lot of new groups. You should never give up the hunt for new and interesting stuff to listen to.
Rockboy, Ejlif, No the song is clearly "Thanks I get".

Volkswagon used 2 different songs for their commercials.
I have read that Wilco was going to put it on the Sky Blue recording , but they chose to not include it. Wonder why...

Rockyboy, I know what you mean, but search out this song even if you have to go to Limeware, it really is a toe tapper for us older (but wiser) gents.

P.S. I still play AC/DC, CCR. BTO and Led Zepplin and wow, I will be 55 in about 3 weeks !
Okay, okay - I give up! I'll give Wilco another try and I'll track down "Thanks I get". But, the toes better tap -or else! : )

I had the same problem with Dave Mathews band. A friend loaned me their greatest hits. Folks, ALL THE SONGS SOUNDED THE SAME!!! Honestly, I don't know how Dave keeps the songs straight when he's giving a concert.

Go back and listen to the Beatles, Stones, Led Zep, Pink Floyd, Moody Blues, Alan Parsons, Jethro Tull, Allman Brothers, Fleetwood Mac, etc. Beautiful music, great lyrics, and great arrangements. True classics. I'd be willing to bet that Wilco won't be around by this time next year. Any takers?
Wilco not only will be around by this time next year but they will likely have a new release that will be on the verge of gold status in sales, even though they give every release away via their web site for free.
Wilco will probably be headlining arenas in the next two or three years.

come on rockboy stop living in the past. You need a steady dose of Wilco, Arcade Fire, M. Ward, Ryan Adams, Of Montreal, The National, Andrew Bird... stop me when you have heard any of these artist ...
I agree with Time, I think Wilco has legs. I get the impression that these guys have been around the block a few times and hope they have good things in front of them. I highly recommend checking them out on Austin City Limits.

Seeing/ hearing live performances can be a revelation at times. I live in a town with a large population of pro musicians. These guys will occasionally pay the bills by playing in cover bands. One of these groups, (several members of a band called the Fuzzy Sprouts) do a show consisting of the album "Abbey Road." First of all, these guys nail this album stone cold. I'm 45 and I've heard the Beatles so many times that they sound like elevator music. Hearing this music live has completely renewed my appreciation of the Beatles. To tell the truth, I was never really a Beatles fan until now. I grew up a Stones, Who, Zep kind of guy. Abbey Road is now one of my all time favs. An old dog can learn new tricks.

Now that I’m reminiscing, I used to think Bruce Springsteen fans were a bunch of yuppies until I saw him live in 1977. After that, I thought he was the greatest (well... up to "Born in The USA" anyway).
For all those who just got into Wilco and like alt-country/southern rock. You might look into Uncle Tupelo. They are the prequil to Wilco. Jeff Tweedy, Jay Farrar and Mike Heidorn. A good ablum to pick up would be Anthology. Pretty much a greatest hits album. Very interesting to hear their sound mature in such a short time.

IMO, March 16th-20th is the best Tupelo album by far. It is all acustic and difinitely has several toe tappers.
As someone a little older, I have grown to really enjoy Wilco. It did not happen the first couple of spins of their albums. They can write good music, Tweedy has a very unique soulful voice. Also their recordings sound very good !
Rockyboy your statement that they will not be around next year is absurd and sounds like it comes from someone who knows nothing about music. Do your homework Rockboy! Alan Parsons good lyrics Gasp! Gasp! what a joke.
i come out in the middle on the whole wilco debate. they're ambitious (perhaps overly so), tweedy's a good writer and nels cline is an incredible guitarist, but they seem to rock less with each new record--unlike uncle tupelo, they seem more fixated with sound than with feel.
as a related aside, paste magazine ranked tweedy the 24th greatest living songwriter, ahead of pete townsend, ray davies and john fogerty. (jay farrar was 98). sounds crazy to me, but controversy is the cornerstone of criticism.
Wilco seems increasingly shaped by Cline's loft jazz-- which is both good and bad in the sense that while the band has become more experimental and technically polished, it has strayed further from roots and R&R. Agree with Loomis that the head went with Wilco and the heart with Uncle Tupelo and further into Son Volt and Gob Iron. The latest Son Volt & Gob Iron albums are very fine and confirm Farrar's seriousness & lasting importance. I can do without most of Uncle Tupelo and early Wilco, but not without Farrar's recent mature incarnations.

Paste magazine is not a credible music rag. There's no such thing really. It's commercial music we're talking about. Ranking JAY FARRAR 98 & jeff tweedy 24, is obviously a misprint.

Wilco is better than any "commercial" band out there today except SON VOLT; who are not - so there ya go.

Have you heard SUITE: BITTERSWEET (Nels Cline/Wally Shoup/Greg Cambell); it's a live radio broadcast - on vinyl, 10/29/2005 from Sonarchy Radio in Seattle. It's free form jazz and man is it a stink bomb. He's lucky to be in wilco. Jeff just wishes he had Mark Spencer playing with him instead of Nel's.
Wilco is ok...but check out Whiskeytown...i like them a lot better.
The record that I have played more than any is Summerteeth with the late Jay Bennett.
Wish I gotten some of Rockyboy's 2007 action on the impending demise of Wilco!

Saw Uncle Tupelo a few times in the early 90s -- in 1990, in the nearly empty Blind Pig in Ann Arbor, which was a revelation. A truly remarkable band. I enjoyed the first Son Volt and Wilco releases (the material on both rather like their Uncle), but less so the later stuff.

I second Streetdaddy on Whiskeytown.

Others to look for in the UT genre are the (sadly defunct) Nadine (esp. "Downtown Saturday"), Slobberbone, and Two Cow Garage (The latter two often give s**t kicking shows).

Off to listen to Fleetwood Mac with Rockyboy!

Great recommendations- Thanks