wifi streamer

 I am a turntable guy but would like to listen to radio a bit via the TuneIn app. (I have USB streamer from my computer but don't like to use computer when I'm not working )

There are so many streamers out there I'd really appreciate your help.

- wifi
- should receive wifi signal from TuneIn app on Android device
- budget 100-200 $
- budget $300-500 if the DAC and power supply deliver high-quality performance

Built-in internet radio not required but not excluded

I bought a cheap Rockfish adapter. Works beautifully, gets me iTunes Radio via my phone's app

it was under $50

How about Auralic Aries mini? Seems like stable and versatile solution with good sound quality
On the cheap, you could do a Chromecast Audio for $35.  I use one in my garage and it works great.  Supports audio up to 24/96.  Also, I use the new Chromecast Video in the bedroom rig.  It sounds every bit as good as a Sonos connect at 1/10th the price.  The Sonos app is easier to use, but it's only $35!  

I was waiting for the Aries Mini, but then they came out and said that they're not going to finish developing the app for Android, so I'll pass.

On the higher end, I've been keeping an eye on Bluesound.  The Node 2 supports up to 24/192.

I have a Definitive Technology W-Amp that does the Dining Room.  The app/product has gotten a lot better over the last year.  Still not as easy as Sonos, but getting there.  Sonos has the most streaming options.

I use Bolder Cable modified Squeezebox's in the big rig and Office system.  Sound quality, these are the best, but alas, they are no longer made.

Finally, I use a Denon Heos 5 in the Laundry room.  Sound-wise it's better than my SqueezeBox Boom's, but the app is my second least favorite behind the generic Squeezebox app.  SqueezeCommander is much better for the Squeezeboxes.  Also, the Hoes cost more than twice as much as the Boom's.  The Boom's function as damn nice alarm clock.

If you're just going to do TuneIn Radio, the ChromeCast Audio is a good starting point.  If you don;t care for it, you can always use it in the Garage running through the aux input of whatever old stereo/boombox you have out there.  Up until Christmas, they are running a special 2 for $55.
Thanks a bunch for all this. Excellent advice
Besides, you can still navigate the Aries via Android devices just not via a native Auralic app
Aries Mini is $550; out of the OP's price range.  Originally, it was supposed to retail at $400.
The Auralic Mini comes with a year subscription to Tidal included in the price, thus the increase from $399 to $549.  That's a savings of $90, (if you were going to use Tidal for a year based on the monthly price).
I have started with the chromecast audio and can't believe how good it is. I am using the 'extreme quality ' setting in Spotify premium on my stereo (not a boombox) and the chromecast  competes with much more expensive solutions
Thanks for the chromecast audio heads-up guys, just ordered mine .