Wifi Blu Ray Help

I'm looking at the Oppo BDP-105 for the analog out. Are there any other WIFI Blu Ray's comaprible to the OPPO? $1200 a little steep. I'm also thinking BDP-103($499) and just using my DAC but would like to get around that.

Thanx for any input.
You just have to decide how important the analog outputs are. If you want them, this is your choice.
I bit the bullet and ordered the Oppo BDP-105, $1200 at Amazon with free shipping. My decision based on Oppo's reply listed below,
"The BDP-103 uses the same Cirrus Logic CS4382A (8-ch, 24-bit, 192khz) DAC that was used in the BDP-83 and the BDP-93 players, while the BDP-105 uses the ESS Sabre32 ES9018 (8-ch, 32-bit. 192KHz) DAC solution.
The BDP-103 will sound a little more open and warm, while the BDP-105 will be more accurate and detailed".
I am sure a direct comparison of the 105 and 103 in your system would be the best way to determine if the $700 difference in price would make a difference. So, order both from Amazon and since Amazon has a great, no hassle, no cost return policy, send the one back that doesn't meet your needs. Why buy only one and not truly know whether the difference is worth the extra cash.
I do not think wifi is fast enough to stream Blue Ray. I had problems getting it to work over my Gigabit network. I had to remove all switches and access points that were not at least 100 mps. When I tried it before the change i could see slight stepping in the video, the audio was fine though and that was wired.
BTW I am using an Oppo 105 to stream Blue Ray from an internal Intel Raid controller in my computer. Also I had to connect both the Oppo and my computer directly to the router and still had to update network devices. Blue Ray files are very large even after removing the extra crap from them. My smallest file is 18 Gig in the MKV format.
Hevac1...thnx for the input. I want the the blu ray use for the actual discs. I'm more interested in it's wifi for internet tunes, movies, tv stations, etc.. I'm fortunate enough to have Verizon's fios with an upgraded router. To me this is a no brainer for using it's wifi and my PC as the server. If I've overlooked something yell at me :)
I have not tried WiFi to other devices around the house yet. The Oppo does show up with the music, movies and pictures list from all storage devises but that is as far as I have gone with it. Right now I am spending most my time digitizing disks to the system. It will be nice when I no longer have to deal with disks other than my vinyl.
Hevac1...that's the way to go no doubt. I started off with a dozen 150g sata 8mb cache drives for storage. Didn't take long to fill those up with flac files. lol...now days anyone asks what I want for xmas I do not hesitate to say terabyte hdds :)
Some call me that also.

This is the 3rd time I have tried to do storage for high quality music and movies. The issue before was I could not get HDD's large enough even in a Raid configuration without breaking the bank. Now that the cost has come down and the availability of drives larger than 2 TB this is no longer a problem.

I have put together a huge amounts of storage with redundancy. I have 2 24 Terabytes Raid 10 configurations on and/or in my computer for movies. A 12 Terabyte Raid 5 NAS for music and some 2 to 4 terabyte enclosures for temp storage in case I run out of room.

I have digitized all my CD's, SACD's & DVDA disks to the NAS system. I digitized my Blue Ray disks and used up 7TB of the 12TB's in the computer. I am now on to my DVD disks that are being stored in an external 12TB Mediasonic Raid enclosure.

Since the Raid system is in a Raid 10 configuration the storage is cut in half so the 48TB becomes 24TB but it is much more secure and the odds on a catastrophic failure is at a minimum. I will backup the entire system when I can afford to buy more drives. This is taking a while to complete.
Hevac1...lmbo, yep about the same happens around here. I too prefer to mirror my drives unless the rig is for gaming then I stripe it. Performance is minimum but it's still there.

Storage to me is just that, storage. Hot swap external enclosure rules here now days. I betcha took me almost a years get everything copied over to hdds...lol