Wife/girlfriend or audio: if you had to chose?

Say your wife or girlfriend (no kid involved) asked you to drop your passion for audio, sell your system and settle for a Bose Wave box - because she thinks that your hobby is a barely grown-up kid toy story that needs to stop (either invasive or expensive or just ridiculous to her friends and family).
What do you do? keep wife/girlfriend or your gear?
Just respond: Audio or Wife and in brackets years of relationship...

Audio (21)!
Audio (0)

Makes it pretty easy, I guess.
Audio (22), but fortunately for me, she knows this and understands. So this is a non-issue for me.
Fortunately for me I would never have to make that decision. The wife allows me to buy anything I want, even audio gear (7)
Why would anyone want to have a spouse who believes that they have a right to dictate how someone lives? That's extremely selfish of someone, and that person needs to be avoided like the plague. If they don't like who you are or what you like to do, why are they with you if they were anyone with any sense?
Let's see.....music or sex....you have to ask?
Audio(22). Wife left me last year. Still enjoying my music."Good riddance,Honey !"
It would never happen as she would never ask.

But I would give up audio for my wife (27).
Wife (26). But she'd never ask that :)
She sounds like a chicken. Tell her to go pluck herself!
Music is your only friend.

She hates the extra bedroom being full of vinyl and cds plus the fact that the stereo has taken over the family room (which is now called the stereo room) but she'll keep bitchin' and I'll keep buying.

tvad - You can always get another perfect wife
Besides my music, my dogs are the only things that give me unconditional love.
Music is not my only friend and certainly not my most important one, and I can listen to music on a $10 transistor radio... I guess that makes me dysfunctional around here...
I make the $$$, I buy the gear, so the answer is clear!

If there are enough of the "get rid of the wife" responses, perhaps another branch of this site should be created . . . Wifebegon.com
I wouldn't be married to anyone demanding that I give up anything that I love. Especially for her family. In fact, if she said played the family issue, I'd take a home equity loan out and purchase a rig, that would hopefully help her pack. This, in my case, is all bs 'cause I've got a honey of a partner. Of course a pair 2 caret (you realize too, that's per ear. Highly recommended) diamond stud earings helps keep things very cool. :)
Isn't this a silly question on an audiophile forum ?
It doesn't matter one iota what anybody else would do.
I wouldn't have a woman that didn't love music and the Arts. That all has a direct relationship to passion, and I couldn't live with out it.

Warrenh, Very well put. Sometimes it takes more words to explain a delicate balance of power and finesse. And I like your idea for improving her sense of hearingÂ… hard, shiny surfaces are not always bad for acoustics. I've tried the diamonds and it works. Who needs brilliant pebbles. ;^)

Happy Listening!
my wife..but only if a girlfriend was part of the deal.
"Thank God and Greyhound She's Gone" Sorry couldn't resist it:)) Now if I can just get my cat to move outta the sweet spot...

The music and sounds she makes can not compare to my audio system. Organic with a deep sound stage. Imaging to die for.
audio(45..had a stereo at 7) wife(26)...seriously though, girls just don't dig the three stooges and procol harum. never did and never will. an audio budget(read allowance) is suggested for those whose marriage is a real partnership.....i don't think a budget for a girlfriend too will work.
Audio (36) Wife (22).....Answer, audio. Would never happen though because my wife likes my hobby....it keeps me home and out of trouble.

Audio(6).My girlfriend has an unnatural resonance/peak in her voice that results in extreme coloration and non euphonic distortion.I measured her THD at about 60 percent! I can only listen to her for about 5 minutes, music for hours.
I posted these lines from the late Steve Goodman some time ago in the "best lines in a song" thread but it's probably just as appropriate for this thread.

My baby came to me this morning
And said I'm kinda confused
She said, "If me and B.B. King was both drownin',
Which one would you choose?"

I said, "Oh, baby,"
I said, "Oh, baby,"
I said, "Oh, baby,
Baby, I ain't never heard you play no blues!"
Audio (15) But my wife enjoys music too, so she would never ask me to make that choice. We have no less than 5 audio systems in our house and a couple were built from my "leftovers". My Christmas present to her this year was new stereo speakers for her car.

I would not even consider tolerating such behavior from a girlfriend and would dump her immediately (but would have sex with her a few more times first -- if she was really hot in bed). And I would play my music while doing so...
Now that you mention it, my wife's constant nagging did give me frequent "listener's fatigue". No wonder I'm enjoying my music now better than before.
Donshoemaker, Your wit is killing me! Thanks ;^)
I like two-button suits, dark meat and romantic walks to/from the 7-11.

Wife (14)

Audio (30 something)
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Is this a biblical parable? Are we supposed to substitute "gear" for Philistines? Heheh.

This conflict has nothing to do with what your hobby is, it's that you love something other than your girlfriend, and she doesn't like it.

Tvad has the best of both worlds. He has a loving wife that doesn't understand his passion for audio [but she tries], but is happy for him anyway because he's happy doing it.

But take my advice with a grain of salt. Right now I'm 0 for 0. Hah!
Wife 5 months,

Gundei, you sound like a wise young man!

My new wife does get fustrated at times cause she thinks I pay more attention to my audio home theater then her. She has a valid point and no material item should be more important In my life then my wife.

When life has it ups and downs and your in the slums in deep depression cause everything is going wrong like it once did to Job I don't think your audio system will care to much. It will not support you much or try to make you happy and pick you up cause she loves you dearly. And when the children she gave birth to come to jump on your lap to say they love you...how can that not make the downs become ups when one realizes the great family they have.

Sorry for being sentimental but it seems practical to me....?

When your wife walks away and your children tell you that you are an old fart only good to pay for their tuition, audio will be there to support you through the rough times. A good system is more loyal than a dog - this is why it is called high fidelity!
Well Beheme, thats one way to look at it....I guess!

There is the other side of the wife and kids leaving you when your down. I am most sure I got lucky and waited for one of the good girls with a great past history, but there are many woman who do trash on their men...I have known a few.

That still said, anything material leaves one empty in the end. Its happened to me many times and friends and family are the only way. Thats only my opinion however for what its worth!!

Happy listening however guys, as I go do some playing in my theater as soon as this NFL game is over...
Sounds like she does not understand how audio evokes a passion in you. It will only get worse. Dump her and find someone that can understand your passions. - Unless shes a supermodel and supporting you that is.
Elizabeth, any way you slice it, you're definitely my kind of woman? Do you cook, because I may be thinking of upgrading...? Send some pics of your gear and maybe we can discuss it...
Freemand: I am only kidding and this thread was meant to have some fun. Of course you are right but at the same time, most of us on Agon have a very intimate relationship with music (not with tubes, it hurts)and it does provide many emotions.
What's a girlfreind?
Beheme, I know your kidding, but thats my practical side speaking as usual!

The scary thing is your probably right about many having intimate relationships with their music. I once had an intimate relationship with a rock......Pet rock that is. Remember the wizard in the late 70's that packaged a rock in a box and said "its a pet rock" and I literly fell for it at maybe 9 years old!

When I lost it I was TOTALLY devasted and decided to go outside and get another to replace it. Well, It never worked and I never bonded with that one.

Happy listening!
Wife ( No longer needed one after 20 yrs), Audio ( I can trade, sell, buy with no complication ). At certain age, I love to look at the back of these amps more than what in the adult magazines.
01-06-07: Tvad
Does anyone make loudspeakers with nice tits and ass, and a supportive, loving demeanor?

01-08-07: Andrewdoan
Audio ( I can trade, sell, buy with no complication ).

Hmmmmmmmm............decisions, decisions..............

There is something to be said for looking at the bright side. If only we could find a way to combine the best of both worlds.

A loudspeaker (woman reference Grant?) with nice tits and ass, and a supportive, loving demeanor........trade, sell and buy with no complications..............things that make you go hmmmmmmmm....................... :)
>>If only we could find a way to combine the best of both worlds.<<

How about a speaker with 2 big woofers, a port in the front and back, that cooks dinner on time, and plays only as needed?
At certain age, I love to look at the back of these amps more than what in the adult magazines.


this is exactly what one of my friend said two months ago when coming out of my restroom he said: " 20 yrs ago, there were some Playboy mags here, now all I can see is Stereophile, Absolute Sound and Wine Spectator: what's the matter with you"

Thruth is, there are not that many women with curves like a Focus Audio Master or Rockport Arrakis who can sing that clean.
Wife (What's a wife?)
Girlfriend (I know what a friend is, what's a Girl?)

Freemand, while I do agree with what you are saying, just remember that it may not be possible to get a wife/family, while buying a stereo system is....
01-09-07: Joeylawn36111
Freemand, while I do agree with what you are saying, just remember that it may not be possible to get a wife/family, while buying a stereo system is....

Ummm, I don't get it, let's go through this one more time....how is it not possible to have a wife/family? Have you never seen a woman? Do you work on an oil platform in the middle of the pacific? Submarine duty? Antartica? I just don't get it.

Hello.....it's called lowered expectations.

That's like saying you can't have an audio system because darTZeel is the lowest form of audio that you can accept. If you're that desperate to listen, you'll get Bose, believe me. If Bose is too high class there is always Radio Shack. Maybe a white van special? C'mon, quite complaining because you're so picky. Grab a crack whore and drag her to the alter if you're that desperate. ;^)