Wierd Imaging Problem

I have a problem with imaging in stereo and in movies.My right speaker is not as detailed than the left.When swapping speakers the problem stays to the right speaker.

The soundstage all sounds correct.The voice is in the middle and nevers goes to the left or right of center.The left speaker sounds detailed and the right has a loss of detail whether in stereo or for movies.

I have changed all wiring and IC's.No change.

Now for the starngest part of all.The loss of detail in the right speaker is always present on all sources when I first turn everything on.After awhile and it may take a hour ,the right speaker comes back into focus and the loss of detail is not present.There is no pop or clicks it just becomes correct. I have another set of speakers that I used to tst with and the same thing happens.

I have another receiver that if I use it, it still happens with that receiver .Both of my receivers are around 10 years old.I have bassically replaced everything but still get the same problem.

I am down to thinking that both receivers are going bad.Unlikely but possible.

One of the receivers had a center channel going out and I re-soldered the relay on that receiver along with a lot of other solder joints so maybe I damaged something on that receiver.I then bought the other receiver used for testing my problem only to have the same problem.At a loss here guys.Any help appreciated.
I said that the imaging sounds correct but that is false.The center imaging sounds correct but the right side imaging will shift.Sometimes it sounds correct although lower than the left and other times the imaging that should be to to right moves closer to the center or to the center.

A example is on the cd Riding With The King by B.B.King and Eric Clapton ,track 6 "Help The Poor" Eric Claptons voice is always to the left and never changes position but B.B Kings voice on the right side will not always be in the same spot.I can listen to the track and replay it and B.B Kings voice will have shifted.It is always to the right but moves to different spots between the center and right speaker.
This is a puzzler, all right. Have you tried swapping speaker cables at the receiver? The problem should change sides. Another thought is if your receivers are the same make and model, that increases the probability of them both being afflicted with the same problem.

You might try borrowing a receiver you know works properly, and see if theat cures your problem. Post back when you find the answer, if you would.

Best of luck,
The receivers are differnt makes.I deceided to try something different.I have a box full of intercoonects that I have had for years and even though I had replaced them already with ones from my box I deceided to give it a go again.

First I had optical from the directv receiver so I changed that to digital coax and it made a difference.Both front channels sounded right after the swap.Before when Listening to the DTV music stations the left was always softer.

So I changed out the rca interconnects from the CDP to the amp and that made a difference.Now the stereo image and sound is right on the CDP.

So next was the PS3 I changed the optical cable as I am not using HDMI as neither receiver has HDMI and that changed nothing.So I blew out the Optical in connnection on the PS3 with compressed air and tried another optical cable.And now the PS3 SOUNDS RIGHT.

So either all the interconnects I was using are bad or my problem will return.My box of cables was a mess and all cables where tangled together and some in knots.So it should be no surprise as they could of easily of gotten broken.

As for the rca interconnects I remember having to really twist them to get them on and off the rca inputs.Why they make some of them so tight fitting is a mystery to me as I also remember using pliers to get them off once.So they could of gotten damaged either that way or in my cable box which also had stuff piled on top of it.Also on one of the receivers some of the rca input jacks are loose due to this.

So time will tell but I am hoping that al is well now.
When you have tight fitting RCA's like that, twist the RCA clockwise while pulling them off. Some companies (that make IC's) even recommend this, so no damage will happen. And they do slide off easier doing this.
Well the problem has retuned.It has to be hardware related.I do not see how it could be the speakers.One receiver plays louder to the left and the other receiver to the right.Going to have to bite the bullet and start shopping for something new.
Can you explain what the chain of components looks like in your system, from source to speakers? Can you also explain the type of Interconnects that are being used between all your components (ie.. All RCA or mixed XLR/RCA ..etc)? How about speaker wires, banana clips or spades or bare wire? How old is the speaker wire?

The problem you describe sounds similar to phasing / polarity reversal or copper cable oxidation issue somewhere in the signal chain.

You mention that the issue remains when speakers were swapped so I would skip them for now in the process of elimination.

I believe you mention that the issue exists when changing out receivers but may have switched sides. I would probably skip them as the possible issue as well, for now.

Now my next question would be focused on ALL the cabling and if it remained the same during the above tests you performed? When you started changing out cables did you do it one cable or cable pair at a time using the same source or did you rip and replace all cables? How feasible would it be for you to goto radio shack and pick up enough cheapo interconnects to complete the whole connection chain for one source to your amp/receiver and speakers? You can probably walk out of the store for under $25 to perform this test and it would be cheaper then looking for more primary components.

Good luck
Speakers are Legend Audio speakers.My sources are cd player,directv hd receiver and ps3.The receivers are a Sony and Yamaha.

I replaced the front and center speaker cabling with new speaker wire 12awg as I had found that one of the speaker cables had corrosion in it.I have not replaced the speaker cabling for the rears as of yet.I also replaced the tweeters on the front speakers.

On the cd player instead of replacing the analog interconnects I used digital coax and no difference.I changed the optical cables on the ps3 and directv receiver.No change.I replaced the cd player with my ps1 which I sometimes use for cd,s as it is supposedly the audiophile one.No change.

The sony receiver as I have said I did some soldering on it trying to fix a cold solder joint on a center channel relay.I may have screwed something up on it doing the soldering as was not sure which relay it was.

The Yamaha I bought used to see if it was the Sony causing the problem.The Yamaha plays louder to the right and the Sony to the left.

I have disconnected everything and just using the front mains hooked up added sources 1 at a time and the problem remains.

The Sony players lower to one side and then after awhile of playing it, both sides even out and all sounds correct.The Yamaha always sounds lower on one channel and not as crisp and clear.Using the balance control does not correct it as the Yamaha always sounds muddled on one channel.

So I really think I have 2 bad receivers.I am thinking there is another cold solder joint on the Sony that I have not been able to locate and the only thing I can think of with the Yamaha is that something in the signal path is going out.I have also replaced the mains with a set of speakers from my bedroom and they exhibit the same problem.

Today I decided to try the tuner on the Sony and listen to a FM station and the Sony did not exhibit any problems.Only when I tried to use a connected source did I experience the problem.

About a year ago I had to sell my Rotel amps and pre and B&W speakers to make ends meet due to the economy as my trade has been hit hard, so I am just trying to get by with backup stuff.

Looks like I am going to have to spend some money to figure this out.Only thing I haven't tried is a new receiver.My local high end store has gone under so the only thing around is best-buy.I have gone there several times to buy a receiver but when I look at the offerings and how cheap they look and feel I just can not do it.Even my old Sony makes the Denons,Yamms,pioneers,sony's look cheap.

My budget is limited so I am looking here on the Gon for a used older receiver as I do not need hdmi or any of all that other crap they have cluttered the new stuff up with.
Shaunp, have you had your hearing checked recently? Don't mean to be alarmist, but it's possible that there is something going on with the hearing in your right ear. Could be something as simple as wax buildup in that ear.
Good luck.
I had my hearing tested twice as I thought maybe that could be the cause but all is good.
After reading the post entitled "My system acts weird" by Avialuf I decided to check my breaker box.I installed 2 20amp circuits about a year ago for my stereo system and projector.My house is over 50 years old and so I pulled all the breakers and cleaned all connections with contact cleaner.I also found a hot wire to a different circuit that goes to my living room light and kitchen that was not tightened down at all.It was just barely stuck in the screw hole of the breaker.I fixed that.

In Avialuf's post he mentioned his lights dimming.I also have this problem.Now whether cleaning the breaker connections or fixing the lose wire could cause my problem I do not know.There was one breaker that had black on it from the breaker being cracked and me wiggling it and sparks shot out.this was when I was installing the 20 amp circuits.So I also replaced that breaker but never cleaned the connection.

It took me a couple of hours today to clean everything.When done I fired up the stereo and cd player and it seems my problem is gone.Could this of been my problem?????Seems weird to me that electricity was my problem.

I have everything plugged into a APC power conditioner/regulator.It always reads that the input power is 126 and out is 126.Only fluctuates when we have high winds or a good storm.Am still having a hard time believing that the lose wire and cleaning fixed things.

If my problem returns could it be the APC unit?Since the cleaning and this also makes no sense to me is that I have security cameras around my house and the video looks cleaner and more vivid.

Any thoughts on this.Thanks.