Widow here: I have a REGA-related question


I’ve posted in the past before when I’ve had questions about my husband’ stereo and Home Audio equipment that I’ve been selling. (He passed away in 2020.) Today I have a question on some REGA items. I have only TWO power cords marked REGA and they’re exactly the same. (Photo below.)  However, I have THREE pieces of Rega equipment: 1) REGA TTPSU; 2) REGA TTPSU2; and 3) REGA Fono MC. Can the power cords be used with any of these REGA items?

Rega Plug in



I wouldn't suspect there would be much different if they can be attached.  

All the components you listed require 24v. So you can safely use these power adapters.


depends on the Rega equipment you have -

PS1 350mA Power Supply will work for all Rega accessories and units except: Planar 1, 2, and 3, or Fono Mini A2D.

PS2 100mA Power Supply works with the current model Planar 1, 2, and 3 as well as the Fono Mini A2D.

What TT do you have and which model Fono ( there have been several versions ) do you have ?