Widest soundstage

Which of your favorite songs gives you the widest soundstage on your stereo?

Mine is Bruce Hornsby, Mirror on the Wall from Halcyon Days (some other richly and deeply layered recordings on this disc too).

I've only listened to Halcyon Days a couple times, never too critically. Harbor Lights is my favorite Hornsby cd.
There are a couple of very deep/wide cuts on XTC's "Oranges and Lemons." Of course if you want really wide there's always Roger Waters' "Amused to Death" or Sting's "The Soul Cages," both recorded with Q Sound.
I'd second Waters "Amused to Death". My dog is still looking for the barking dog in the next room.

Funny you should mention your dog's reaction...my girlfriend's dog gets jumpy when I play Tear for Fears digitally remastered version of Start of the Breakdown with the percussive tones at the very beginning...maybe we should depend upon our pets with their superior hearing to let us know when we have it dialed in right...

He loves the Dog Whisperer up in the HT with the 42 inch plasma and the Martin Logan/B&K surround sound...
Hee Hee, my cat sits exactly between the speakers and looks straight up. Widest soundstage? I don't listen to classical all that much, but lately I've been listening to Beethoven Symphonie NR. 5, the Berlin Philharmonic on a Duetsche Grammophon LP. Wall to wall orchestra is impressive. The meters on my amp are going nuts! Got to look, I think I have that Hornsby CD.
My dog (wife's actually) goes nuts during the Dog Whisperer.
Amused to Death is quite wide almost behind you. When surrond sound friends come over I play it for them and show off my 2 channel system.

another one that is quite wide is the Beatles Let it be. Intruments way to the left and right of the speakers.