Widespread Panic on Austin City Limits...

Anyone catch the show aired twice this week on PBS HD, great show! I only have one album so far but the more I hear these guys the more I like them.
Yes I have seen this before and they are a great concert band, have most of their cd's and after awhile it tends to all sound the same but overall a great band. Their earlier recordings are good as well as some of their live cd's.
No, but when I lived in Indy ( 84-95 )they were one of the staples of WFBQ fm.
Oh, and WTTS fm from Bloomington,IN. too. They broadcast to Indy. They recieved heavy rotation.
Don't you mean New Orleans?
Don't tell the Band, 'Til the Medicine Takes, Aint Life Grand and Ball are my favorite Panic CD's. Other studio releases are just a notch below. Of course they made their mark with thier live shows. Great band.
Everyday is one of my favorite Panic albums.
I am quite familiar with these guys having seen over 200 of their shows across the country. They are extremely fun. A highly explosive act for sure.
The band went through some dark times after their founding member and lead guitarist died, but they have new life in them now thanks to the guitar heroics of Jimmy Herring (ARU, Phil and Friends, The Dead).
I highly recommend "Light Fuse, Get Away". Its a live compilation disc from the shows in '97. Really good stuff and perfectly mixed soundboards. The new album is a good taste of what they sound like with Herring. Have fun!