Wide dispersion tweeters

Which tweeters produce wide dispersion sound waves?
So far I found a scanspeak that has some what wide dispersion it is the 3004/6600 and d3004/602010,
It helps if it can play loud but clean, I will be using two per channel but they will not be facing the listener instead they will be firing up into a midrange/woofer driver.
It helps if it can play loud but clean

A lot will depend on your crossover - the higher it is the louder your tweeter can go.

If you aim two tweeters upwards then there will be a space between the tweeters of several inches in the horizontal plane => You will get severe and quite audible comb filtering from an arrangement like this (some frequencies will cancel while others will reinforce).
In general, smaller diameter diaphragm = wider dispersion.

Note that the tweeter's faceplate (and the surrounding front baffle of the speaker) will act as a 180 degree horn, limiting the radiation pattern at the lower end of the tweeter's passband. So...

Small faceplate tweeter on a stalk-like mount = wider dispersion at lower end of tweeter passband.

Also, it's kosher to tip the tweeter towards the listening area a wee bit - in fact, this may be preferable to omnidirectional in the horizontal plane (note that a true omni is pretty rare - what we call an "omni" is typically fairly directional in the vertical plane).

Best of luck with your project. I admire your passion, Pedrillo.

I plan on aiming them in opposite directions into two different mid/woofers, I heard a speaker that had that design and it sounded good to me. Not saying that I will get that sound. I expect alot of trial and error and layout too of course.
I like what my jbls are doing in terms of the sound dispersion.
Thanks Duke,
I was thinking the same thing, tilting of the tweeter towards the listener a wee bit.
The Vifa XT-19 has similar dispersion and is a quarter of the price.
Are you limited to dome types? Ribbons are know for their inherent wide dispersion characteristics. Check out the Fountek tweeters at Madisound.