wich transport?

I have a sonic frontiers sfd 2 mkII.
I want buy, now, a very good transport cd.
I can find between three different transport:
- proceed cdd transport;
- sonic frontiers sft 1;
- audiomeca kreatura (only transport).
Wich transport, by your experience or your knowledge, you think, is better?
Wich others alternative you think?
Thanks and regards.
There is definitely synergy within a particular manufacturer. For this reason I recommend the SFT-1. My favorite overall transport (outside of the $10k transports--which I have not tried) is the Mark Levinson #37, but I'm using an ML DAC--so again part of my preference has to do with the synergy. I have heard the sonic frontiers combination and it sounds terrific--I think you would be very happy with it.
Add the Theta Data Basic II to your list, around $800 used in excellent condition. There might be a synergy for you with the SFT 1 if you plan to keep the SF DAC. I was feeding a Theta Pro Prime IIa with a Nakamichi CD Player 2 and the substitution of the Data Basic II really smoothed the presentation. You won't regret the upgrade to a dedicated transport.
The SFT-1 is better than the Theta. The SFD-2mk2/SFT-1, was bettered by the cd player(SF).
I have the sfd1 mk2 with a counterpoint transport. Although the counterpoint is no more I like the sound. I agree with the above posts on synergy. More important is the link between the two units. May I suggest the canare digital cable. Just purchased a meter and it's like I have a whole new unit. The model # escapes me at the moment(I'm at work) but I will look it up when I get home if interested. Good listening.
I have both the sfd2 make II and the SFT1 transport and am very satisfied with the combination. The final sound quality though will be dependent on the digital cable used. I am running a Marigo Signature Aparition 5.5 cable with BNC's and It is the best I have found. I have also used an Iluminati D60 with good results.
I don't know where you sit to listen to music, the big display in the Levinson 37 is great for me
The audiomeca mephisto is a most revealing transport. I'm not familiar with the kreatura. The mephist is probably the best looking component if that makes any difference