Wich one if any at all?

Hi guys,

Can anyone post some opinions on the following Wadia models please?
Wadia 6
Wadia 16
Wadia 21

I want to buy me one as a second CD player, and a Wadia is my choice.
I'm not interested in the smaller sized ones, only the big ones with the 4 tower feet.
If there are any other models I'm missing, I'd appreciate if you include these (w/the exception of the newer and more expensive ones).
Brgsd, Marcelo
i would have to say, 'if any at all'. there are dozens of better players that sell for less than the old wadias
Sure, I should have been more precise. I understand your point. rephrasing to "wich one if I were to buy any of these at all?".
brgds, marcelo
Nobody has/had any of these?

I'm about to buy one, must choose between a 6 or a 21...no comments?

brgds, Marcelo
The 21 is ancient so I would stay away from that I believe the 6 and the 16 were statement products at some point in Wadia's line.
Allright! thanks CytoCycle, one more deletion from the list.
Down to the 6...have one on sight, but there is a transport Wadia 20 for about the same $ and maybe it is a better deal?

brgds, marcelo
here's a review on the 16 from Wadia's Site...
Allright! Thanks again!

brgds, Marcelo