WI-FI ROUTERS and Modems. BEST!! brand and why.

With more &more Audio streaming going on. Now with Tidal and MQA and Hi Rez play back

on your Streamer/ Dac's  devices, some going to 25K+ and up.

The question to those who have tried various brands routers that pass the Wi-Fi on or Ethernet connected to your streamer. Anyone found by trail that could suggest ones with the best fidelity.

I tend to lean towards Netgear and Lynksis products myself.

When I worked in IT, we had a lot of Netgear switches, routers and network gateway equipment.  Prior to that we used Lynksis.

Many telecommunications providers of high-speed internet, TV & telephone services provide their customers with Netgear WiFi routers as well. 

You may also want to look at Arris SURFboard WiFi routers and modems.

Good Luck!
I use Orbi (NetGear) router/satellites. Why? Because they have been the best (I have tried two others) at allowing me to "seamlessly" have reliable WIFI coverage across two stories and a guest house. 
Work with someone who specializes in designing, installing and servicing network and audio systems.  Cisco, Meraki and Ubiquiti work well depending on the scale of the home and system.  For the money that some of you are investing in audio hardware, you owe it to yourself to get a high quality network.

As I have mentioned before, seriously consider properly installed fiber.  We use fiber all the time for audio and network integration systems with wonderful success.  Systems sound and operate better on fiber.

I have used both Netgear and Linksys components. Netgear became very buggy and unreliable for a while. The very old Linksys stuff is very good, but since Cisco merged, the newer stuff is buggy and unreliable. I have found that Asus wireless routers with the Asuswrt-Merlin firmware installed are extremely reliable. They work and perform extremely well.  That being said, I have not worked with the latest Netgear/Linksys offerings.  If you get a "real" Cisco device (very expensive), I'm sure it will be fine.
I'm sure this response will get surely get responses from others that have had other results and the computer gurus will certainly weigh in. I can only comment on my own personal experiences.For many years I have used a Wifi connection for an Internet connection. Thru a couple of home PC's I had always used the most modern Lynksys router and Lynksys PCI adapter card (internal) in my computer.A couple of years ago I dropped my local cable ISP provider when fiber Internet service became available in my area, I subscribed to their slowest speed which is 50 Mb download and 20 Mb upload.For a while I used my existing Lynksys equipment which gave me very close to what the fiber ISP offered. But, I am one to always look into tweaking everything. So I bought a Netgear Nighthawk router (R7000) and a Netgear external (USB) adapter. I made no major changes to the rest of my system.Immediately, my upload speed (20 Mb) stayed about the same but the download speed went from 50 Mb to just over 100 Mb. I can't explain why but that's what happened. I research computer stuff extensively before I make changes and Lynksys/Cisco/ or whatever now seems to have more and more unhappy users.I'm sure there are plenty of folks that have had different experiences and maybe some with gripes about Netgear. Just saying....if download speed improvement is your aim look into the Netgear stuff. 
I use Linksys EA8500 without issues. My ISP box connects to it thru CAT 6 wire, and so does my audio computer. I haven't tried yet but was reading how the switching mode power supply noise from these devices in general gets into the computers even though the Ethernet connection is galvanically isolated, and that improvements can be obtained by using linear power supplies.
While I consider myself to have intermediate experience and expertise as an audiophile, I have had a lot of personal experience setting up and tweaking different routers and modems for my own house and for family and friends.  So based on my experiences with Cisco, Linksys, Belkin, and Netgear, I am brand-loyal to Netgear.  Why?  Fewest dropped connections, fastest speeds, and ease of setup, use, and "tweaks" if necessary or desired.  Your mileage may vary, but the Nighthawk line of routers (I've most recently had the R7500 and now utilize the R7800) have been rock solid and provided the fastest possible speeds with my previous Xfinity Blast service and my current Fios gigabit service.  And talk about signal coverage!  The previous poster who used an Orbi system must have a gigantic property:  My NIghthawk X4S provides 80-100% signal to all three floors of my house, including spots on the other side of concrete or plaster walls!
Like many other IT folks who've responded, I've settled on Netgear products.  I've found them to be reliable and they are easy to setup.  My router is a Netgear Orbi with one satellite.  It covers my 3 story 4600 sqft home with ease.  I have a Riva WAND Festival speaker sitting at the far end of my family room, and Riva WAND Arena speakers in the kitchen, family room, living room, and upstairs bedrooms.  

Ethernet is my preference for streaming music.  Years ago I wired my house using CAT 6 cable, with a Netgear Pro Switch on the 2nd floor and one in my man cave.  I stream via Ethernet to a Squeezebox Duet in my rec room and another in my music room, and to a Raspberry PI DAC in my office.

Using Logitech Media Server, I can stream anything on my NAS or the Internet to all of my speakers.
I'm a big fan of the Linksys Velop. 

I have the 3 unit setup and have one unit installed on each floor of my home. Each unit has two ethernet ports on them and I'm using one of those to handle the backhaul channel through ethernet.  I can regularly get 600 Mbps+ speed internally between devices throughout the home.  I have a 900 Mbps connection into the home and actual throughput (via Speedtest site/app) to my laptop and iphoneX via the wireless 802.11ac band is around 480Mbps with 32 devices connected.
Netgear Triband 4000 to NAIM Atom 
tidal and full size NAS files work great with fantastic Sonics 
eventually will run a wire of if installer is skilled fiber
router has required an almost daily reboot if I leave Radio streaming 24/7
.... could be a NAIM issue, not sure

Manged Networks for a large Software Company for years. I use to use Netgear and Cisco/linksys for years but over time they have become buggy. disconnects for no reasons slow downs etc. I switched to Ubiquiti a few years ago and have had zero problems, but in all honesty I have a TP-Link wifi setup for guest access and it work more reliably than anything I have had, and it's been rurning for over 10 years. 

With that said, all my audio gear runs on a wired network and the only thing on wifi are phone, tablets.For wired I have Netgear all around.

ORBI and Fiber. Simple and fast. 
Happy with Orbi here.
Plan to add another satellite and then run Ethernet directly from the satellite to another Roon endpoint for my outdoor system.
Just don’t buy the newest latest kit as your playing with beta firmware versions. This goes for pretty much anything computer related or anything that has a firmware. 

Netgear kit as a whole will look after you, for wired just spend the money and get netgear ProSafe kit with lifetime warranty, as mentioned above, all my audio needs are wired cat5e solid copper. I use netgear nighthawk for my Wi-fi needs, with netgear extender, works flawlessly through thick stone walls here in the UK.

Custom firmware is available for most if needed, especially if you want to run VPN tunnels etc. Having said that don’t disregard Asus kit,   AC68U, is a cracking piece of kit and can run OpenVPN out of the box. My background is over 30 years in IT 
I use Roon through my Core computer and Bryston endpoint to my Lyngdorf integrated with DAC. The Core is Ethernet thru an extender and the Bryston is Ethernet thru my router. To obtain the highest sampling rate outputs, Ethernet is necessary in my system. The Lyngdorf also has wireless but I noticed that the sampling rates were not as high. I use a Netgear router and wireless. 
While we are on the subject does anyone have a favorite cable to connect their server/music library with?

I’m using a Luxul XWR 1200.  It is lightning fast with up to 1200 Mbps data trans, seamless roaming between AP’s and 5 gigabytes Beam Forming technology, etc.
For more info see:


list. $400

Apple AirPort Extreme. The connection is very reliable, it never drops.
Netgear Orbi for me too. Reliable and convenient.
We have recently installed some Ubiquiti AmpliFi HD mesh networks that have been working well for clients using Apple AirPlay and Roon Core based systems.

We still recommmend a properly installed fiber network for those of you wanting the best solution, but for affordable mesh networks, the AmpliFi HD is a nice system.
My Netgear router is not responding and I am not able to reset Netgear router password. So please I requested you to provide me any guide to reset Netgear router password. 
Avoid Toilet Paper Link, Uborquity, Assus, “Linksys”, D-Link etc... also avoid combo router/access points and just go for as many access points as you need to cover your home with the same SSID on different non-overlapping channels. I would choose Cisco Small Business for access points because of the ease of use, excellent value and high quality. You can buy a Cisco RV- series router for the same reasons, or go upscale and buy a used ASA. All great gear and will outlast several of those other crap brands. 
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TP-Link have been the most reliable. If you have any sort of WiFi congestion then 5GHz routers are a must. 

I run a custom ROM (open wrt) which has kept me immune from most of the known router hacks. 


I'm sure this response will get surely get responses from others that have had other results and the computer gurus will certainly weigh in.

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Cisco. Use VLANs to separate your audio from TV and PC/mobile devices.