WI-FI ROUTERS and Modems. BEST!! brand and why.

With more &more Audio streaming going on. Now with Tidal and MQA and Hi Rez play back

on your Streamer/ Dac's  devices, some going to 25K+ and up.

The question to those who have tried various brands routers that pass the Wi-Fi on or Ethernet connected to your streamer. Anyone found by trail that could suggest ones with the best fidelity.


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Avoid Toilet Paper Link, Uborquity, Assus, “Linksys”, D-Link etc... also avoid combo router/access points and just go for as many access points as you need to cover your home with the same SSID on different non-overlapping channels. I would choose Cisco Small Business for access points because of the ease of use, excellent value and high quality. You can buy a Cisco RV- series router for the same reasons, or go upscale and buy a used ASA. All great gear and will outlast several of those other crap brands.