WI-FI ROUTERS and Modems. BEST!! brand and why.

With more &more Audio streaming going on. Now with Tidal and MQA and Hi Rez play back

on your Streamer/ Dac's  devices, some going to 25K+ and up.

The question to those who have tried various brands routers that pass the Wi-Fi on or Ethernet connected to your streamer. Anyone found by trail that could suggest ones with the best fidelity.


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Like many other IT folks who've responded, I've settled on Netgear products.  I've found them to be reliable and they are easy to setup.  My router is a Netgear Orbi with one satellite.  It covers my 3 story 4600 sqft home with ease.  I have a Riva WAND Festival speaker sitting at the far end of my family room, and Riva WAND Arena speakers in the kitchen, family room, living room, and upstairs bedrooms.  

Ethernet is my preference for streaming music.  Years ago I wired my house using CAT 6 cable, with a Netgear Pro Switch on the 2nd floor and one in my man cave.  I stream via Ethernet to a Squeezebox Duet in my rec room and another in my music room, and to a Raspberry PI DAC in my office.

Using Logitech Media Server, I can stream anything on my NAS or the Internet to all of my speakers.