WI-FI ROUTERS and Modems. BEST!! brand and why.

With more &more Audio streaming going on. Now with Tidal and MQA and Hi Rez play back

on your Streamer/ Dac's  devices, some going to 25K+ and up.

The question to those who have tried various brands routers that pass the Wi-Fi on or Ethernet connected to your streamer. Anyone found by trail that could suggest ones with the best fidelity.


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While I consider myself to have intermediate experience and expertise as an audiophile, I have had a lot of personal experience setting up and tweaking different routers and modems for my own house and for family and friends.  So based on my experiences with Cisco, Linksys, Belkin, and Netgear, I am brand-loyal to Netgear.  Why?  Fewest dropped connections, fastest speeds, and ease of setup, use, and "tweaks" if necessary or desired.  Your mileage may vary, but the Nighthawk line of routers (I've most recently had the R7500 and now utilize the R7800) have been rock solid and provided the fastest possible speeds with my previous Xfinity Blast service and my current Fios gigabit service.  And talk about signal coverage!  The previous poster who used an Orbi system must have a gigantic property:  My NIghthawk X4S provides 80-100% signal to all three floors of my house, including spots on the other side of concrete or plaster walls!