Why Would You...?

With a pre/pro like the Meridian 568, which is basically a digital processor, why would you buy a highly regarded DVD player like an Arcam FMJ27 which has quality DACs. You'd either by-pass the DACs via optical or digital coax or have the processor covert it back to the digital domain. Isn't a high quality transport more fitting? (BTW, I'm thinking outside of the Meridian product line.)

I remember reading somewhere that even if the Sony 9000ES weren't a very good DVD/CD player, its' use as a transport alone was worth the money.

Am I on the right path here?
To my ear, the DAC in my Sunfire theatergrand II sounds so good that I would have a hard time finding a cdp with a better DAC. I owned this pre-pro for a couple of years before I found this out.

I own both pieces.--Actually,one buys the Arcam 27 for its picture quality; I did. I own the Meridian for the sound quality. I have never even put a cd in the Arcam and I never listen to music thru the Meridian. Oh,btw,The Meidian is in quite another class from said Sunfire.
Avguygeorge, my answer to Quicke was in regards to the DAC's in some pre/pro's..not ment to suggest he go out an buy a 5 year old Sunfire. As I stated, I had never used my pre/pro as a two-channel DAC and was supprised to find out how good it was for music. Oh,btw...glad I'm in "QUITE ANOTHER CLASS" from you!