Why would a moderator remove a cable review?

I put together what I thought was thorough review of the newest Cerious Technologies line of cables and it was just removed by a moderator for:

“Content may be removed for one or more of these reasons:

  • It looked like spam
  • It was abusive towards another member
  • It depicts explicit and/or violent content
  • It contains profanity

Please make sure your submissions comply with our guidelines”

I don’t see where I violated any of the stated policy.



@lancelock; Have you emailed Tammy and asked her what happened and why?

I for one would be curious???

I have had many posts removed also. Doesn’t seem to be much rhyme or reason, other than overactive moderators...


Combined with my positive experience with Cerious, your review moved me to order a new digital cable from Bob.  So thanks!

moderators can be overwhelmed, sometimes they will delete something simply because it is requested by someone to do so... they often can’t get into thinking about things too deeply, too much, kind of a better safe than sorry approach

as users here, i think most of us don’t appreciate how much cr#p tammy and her colleagues have to deal with

Moderators overwhelmed? Come on, on this site it can't be too hard.

I think because the pricing was mentioned and the website, Audiogon thought they may be cut out of sales and deleted the thread.


Did you post anything bad about Miss Jenkins?

That'l do it everytime.



I’ve had this happen as well. I find it is more likely if the review feels overly promotional, driving the post to sound like advertising. 

I did email Tammy but I think the thread came down when the price list went up. I’m not sure why they had to delete the entire thread. I did repost over on “What’s Best” forum.

BTW, I think your review was very well written and I hope Tammy can reinstate it.


just making sure nobody is confused here about what audiogon is

it is a for-profit site... and the discussion forum exists to support the main site, which makes money when items are advertised, bought and sold and so on

as users of the discussion forum, we have privileges to post and participate purely at the pleasure of the site owner and their admins, which they manage according to their best interests (which may or may not coincide with that of any user) ... they owe us nothing as users, we have zero entitlements

It seems to me there is a lot of knee jerk reactions to flagged posts/threads that aren't thoroughly reviewed. It's almost like it's automated. Whenever I've had a problem with that, a simple message to Tammy has always gotten to the bottom of it, resolving the issue.

All the best,

I’ve had several posts removed and completely deserved every one, but it was still fun and cathartic to vent on some moron who also deserved it.  Heh heh. 

Add me to the list of posts I knew would be deleted just to know some imbecile would uncomfortably squirm, knowing everyone here would see it, but the OP's problem is a different can-o-worms.

All the best,

Cable manufacturer selling competing product through ‘Gon complains to admin and their sales threat is removed. This site fulfils its function as a business platform...

Because it looked like advertising. You need to be more subtle about it. 

Could be that people are sick to death of cable talk pro or con it’s Boredom in the highest degree. 

And yet the moderators will allow an entire thread on counterfeit cables go on for months.  I would think that would be more disruptive to revenue stream as it directly affects advertisers here, Signal, Murrow, Purist..

Some cable hater reported it to moderators. Many cable haters around. The moderator did not pay much attention and axed it

I have been on here for years and it seems politics is now getting into the Audio stream. If it doesnot fit their narrative it’s censored ,where is the freedom of the press .it’s feels like when I got suspended on Twitter for telling the truth ,

that is not right .Audiogon has now gone far left sadly , not allthe workers but

Bigtech owners which BTW are no longer Audiophiles like the original owners.

i even have my email address censored and removed when sending a private 

email to another member for information or help ,I am sure it’s happened to many others Why ? Is this happening , seems like since Biden got in office !!

@nonoise censoreship is not the favorite weapon of the left.  I don't think this is a political thing but i see the confusion.

OK, Now this thread has turned weird.

Maybe sniffed too much glue as a kid?

Funny how those who complain about politics entering a interest group are the first ones to bring it up. 🙄

It always raises my hackles when someone refers to the manufacturer by their first name.  It seems to be a thing on Audiogon, but it makes me question the poster's objectivity.

And what does any of this have to do with politics?


I will refer to him as Mr Grosts if it pleases you sir. I do know some Industry folks I am personal friends with, such as David Berning and Mark Schneider and I do call them by their first names. I don’t know Nelson Pass but I have referred to him as Nelson.

I doubt they deleted it because of income conflicts. If that was the case, they’d be deleting MANY posts.

In addition to the 4 Guidelines above, it would be helpful if Audiogon added the others they are using as a basis for deleting posts.  Of course, they can do what they want.  But, if posters were aware of the other, as yet unspecified Guidelines,  they may frame the posts differently - to avoid removal.

Sometimes posts have good information that mysteriously disappears.

Of course some posts clearly warrant removal - the posters know it up front.  That won't stop.


Funny that political comments are barred because they are not related to audio and also inflammatory ( I can understand that) but I see political ads on Audiogon. ??????

😏 Mod was wired, strung out, or both....

That, and the 'cable thang' is just getting too esoteric to be rational anymore, imho...

To paraphrase LOTR lore, "One wire to bind them...." ;)

Censorship was overcome and I met lancelock and listened to his awesome two channel stereo set up.