Why wont speaker companies publish their measurements?

It's not ok to assess the quality of a speaker just by listening to it. Most listeners are not trained. They dont have the skills or knowledge of an expert like me to know what the hell they are listening for. There are too many other variables that affect the sound quality such as room acoustics, source material, amp quality, hearing loss, preference etc. For all these reasons, we MUST rely on speaker measurements ALONE when deciding how good a speaker is. 

The problem is however that the wretched speaker companies WONT DO IT! They just will not publish their measurements. 

Are they embarrassed? Are they hiding it? Do they even have the measurements? Worried they wont match if somebody else does the measurements?

Speaker companies cannot claim that their speaker is superior to a competitors speaker since neither of them will publish their measurements. As a result the claims are uncorroborated HOGWASH. Despite this, there is intense competition among the speaker companies. There is a WAR going on out there and its a war that cannot be won!

The only way to separate the wheat from the chaff is to examine the measurements. Until that happens nobody has the right to claim that one speaker is better than another. Nobody knows which speakers are better than others. Until the day comes when they will publish the data, its all just hearsay and opinions.

If you want to be a first rate audiophile, do not settle for anything less than the TRUTH. We deserve it.

" Go to Magicos website and show me where the measurements are."

They are there, Mr. know it all for all their speakers. Do the research yourself. Don't waste other people's time!
That wasn't me, but I went and looked all over the Magico website and couldn't find measurements. Are they hidden in a non-obvious place?
If nothing is ever good enough, any given measurments would never "measure up" to one's standards. Hence moot point,
Specs posted in sale brochures are more likely written by the sales staff than the engineering department. That is the problem with specifications.
Kenjit, you are so narrow minded. You seem to look at a few commercially available speakers, most likely via magazines or internet. You cannot get the whole speaker specification from that.

My speakers have a page and a half of specifications, and also the availability of any of the engineers/ designers.
My other set were installed by the actual designer/ builder from the US. I had a week to go over the specifications as he “tuned” the speakers to the HiFi equipment and room. He flew to Brisbane, AUS.

Kenjit, it’s obvious that you have a limited appreciation of what speaker specifications you need. Live with an associated engineer for a week and learn what it’s all about.