Why will no other turntable beat the EMT 927?

Having owned many good turntables in my audiophile life I am still wondering why not one of the modern designs of the last 20 years is able to beat the sound qualities of an EMT 927.
New designs may offer some advantages like multiple armboards, more than one motor or additional vibration measurements etc. but regarding the sound quality the EMT is unbeatable!
What is the real reason behind this as the machine is nearly 60 years old, including the pre-versions like the R-80?
testpilot, At least our blather is good for SOMEthing!
I am feeling tempted to try out a 930st, which is kind of like going into the ocean up to your waist.  I will now lie down until this feeling of temptation abates. I have no shelf space, for one thing.
People who have heard 927 and 930 said there is a big difference between them.
Soylent green is people..