Why were 291 responses removed about Rap?

I do not care for rap.  It is not music.  I abhor unbridled censorship.  Why were 291 posts systematically removed,  then the post deleted by moderators?   I did have a serious reply, followed by two tamer ones. This is not about me.
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Unlike the rest of music, Rap is not a genre, Rap is an identity. If you were on the other side of a green door, you would have to identify yourself as Rap, in order to get in, no facsimile, only the real deal.
It is the definition of Racism, Because your points are based on skin color and then throw in Ageism.
"This has to do with specific words written by specific individuals."

And then you bring specific word to where there was no mention of one. Assuming that everyone is an ignorant old white guy makes you look, ahem, ignorant.

Specifically, be as individual as you have always wanted to be, but why do you insult people because of your frustration? It is ok to wear make up, we really do not care.
You attacked someone based on their color.   Insulted.... Genius.  But I guess it's okay as long as it's you doing it.  Term is used very losely and is great way to shut down any conversation.  
Can someone help out the user who posted this?

You can delete my post, but you can not delete history

But a lot of folks are trying look at all the happenings in the Cancel Culture and folks tearing monuments down.

like ISIS raping Syria after Obama’s escalation and failed policy in the region. ISIS ran around destroying Mosques and other significant religious shrines. 
He seems to have gotten his Fox News talking points all mixed up and to have the strange view that his posts on an audio forum are somehow a valuable part of history.