Why were 291 responses removed about Rap?

I do not care for rap.  It is not music.  I abhor unbridled censorship.  Why were 291 posts systematically removed,  then the post deleted by moderators?   I did have a serious reply, followed by two tamer ones. This is not about me.
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"Rap", by definition is a form of expression from the "Black"  inner city Ghettos of the USA; New York, L A etc: not to be confused with Korean or Norwegian rhyming music; which is a  facsimile thereof.
Who wrote that definition? Not a person with much of the view.

Sorry, but U.S.A. rap is a minority in the world of rap these days. Why are people so scared to have something "theirs" enjoyed and built-upon by others? One would think there would be some pride in that.

Thank goodness it developed that way. Otherwise millercarbon might actually be correct. Like this, there is rap that mentions no Uzi, no names for women, or whoever, like Cardi B does. I guess, the best that teacher can hope for is that the student becomes better than that teacher.

Or, should we consider rap being a facsimile?

Sprechgesang - Wikipedia

In the world of "Rhyming Music" that imitates "Rap" we can have anything.
In the world of "Rhyming Music" that imitates "Rap" we can have anything.
In Quebec we call this "fac similé" : rap....Not "rhyming music"....No more than blues is called "black club singing "....

I think rap exist around the world now....It is a "genre" not a black thing, like jazz is.....

If not, wrote a letter to each rapper on the planet , they dont know that their music is not rap but a " fac simile"...


I apologize for my remark..... I dont know what i do in this thread....

My best to all.....
"In the world of "Rhyming Music" that imitates "Rap" we can have anything."

There is a moment when a person discovers that everything has been influenced by something. Depending of how narrow-viewed a person is, some may even say that everything is a copy of something. Rap included. Copying African rhythms, Vienesse techniques, sampling songs by others. A cocktail, not the ground zero.