Why were 291 responses removed about Rap?

I do not care for rap.  It is not music.  I abhor unbridled censorship.  Why were 291 posts systematically removed,  then the post deleted by moderators?   I did have a serious reply, followed by two tamer ones. This is not about me.
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Where do I sign?
Glupson, do you know who Richard Wright is and his importance?

The United States has historically had a deep seated racial problem.  At different times different "racial" groups where the object of animosity.  Native Americans, Africans, Mexicans, women, Chinese, Japanese, Irish, Jews, Italians, Puerto Ricans, Hillbillies, Filipinos, Arabs and others have all been considered the other and experienced discrimination, both socially and economically.  I contend that it virtually impossible to have grown up in this country and not become imprinted with bigotry.  And it's not just white men.  Black people hate black people.  Women hate other women.  That's what can happen when you've taking in the American culture and made it your own.  So I ask, is this bigotry fundamental to the American Experiment or is it something that will be outgrown?  Throughout its history bigotry was a core principal, but I think it is something that eventually can be put into the past.  But in order for that to happen people have to be able to communicate with each other as equals.  You cannot get past a problem if you don't acknowledge that there is a problem.  What makes me sad is that here on Audiogon, at least pertaining to the subject of rap music, we cannot do that.

"Maybe I can ease your load by opting out?"

Whatever you decide to do. If you really want to opt out, you are free to do so.

By the way, I actually do have broad shoulders.
@onhwy61 bias, bigotry and racism isn't unique to America but it is unfortunate. 

@glupson I was probably too subtle, I opt out of you needing to protect me. 

What the heck is going on? We all make mistakes.

You post a link to some study. You link it, not anyone else. Then you describe what is written there and add the conclusion (apologies etc.) that is 180 degrees from what logic would tell you. Then I notice and correct it and you dismiss the study you linked to as, virtually, garbage. On top of that, you get mad at me for pointing out you might have made an error. You made it, not me. Be mad at yourself, if you want to be mad at anyone, although I did not think it was much of a mistake. It was so obvious that I took it as lapsus calami rather than anything else. Nobody could have misunderstood what you wrote. Not even you.

The thing about millercarbon is that the study you chose as your "proof" supports his views. Maybe it is not me who should be getting a room.