Why were 291 responses removed about Rap?

I do not care for rap.  It is not music.  I abhor unbridled censorship.  Why were 291 posts systematically removed,  then the post deleted by moderators?   I did have a serious reply, followed by two tamer ones. This is not about me.
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What scares me: disinformation. Consider this warning from cyber policy and national security expert Dr. Herb Lin of the right-leaning Hoover Institution. He told a subcommittee of the House Armed Services Committee that in the modern era we are not formally at war, but we are not at peace either:

“Information warfare threat to the United States is different from past threats, and it has the potential to destroy reason and reality as a basis for societal discourse, replacing them with rage and fantasy. Perpetual civil war, political extremism, waged in the information sphere and egged on by our adversaries is every bit as much of an existential threat to American civilization and democracy as any military threat imaginable.”


Good rap is art! My best pal was a street poet back in the day and his on the fly lyric ability had us enthralled. No form of expression should be castigated or suppressed. Musically, synthetic bass can be more fun than a tired old vivace cacophony.
Saying that rap isn’t music is straight up racist. Lots of ignorance in this thread and in this site in general.

That word is so overused and watered down that it doesn't mean anything anymore.

It certainly doesn’t mean what YOU think it means......
rfnoise2  It sounds as if you are not a fan of, as you call it, Intersectional Feminist Idealogy". That would simply mean you do not think that the various circles of experience do not combine where they itersect to help form a woman's status in life.  Is that actually possible?
Censorship is not the same as moderation in a privately owned forum. 
More lazy thinking by a few who desire to inflame discussion. The wedding cake maker  can refuse the gay couple but a pox on social media rules and guidelines to foster civility.