Why were 291 responses removed about Rap?

I do not care for rap.  It is not music.  I abhor unbridled censorship.  Why were 291 posts systematically removed,  then the post deleted by moderators?   I did have a serious reply, followed by two tamer ones. This is not about me.
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I’m surprised that 291 posts were removed. This forum is easily the most weakly moderated of the many I frequent.

Can anyone name a serious discussion forum on the internet organized around any non-political hobby where any time the easily triggered Fox News snowflake brigade can work in a way to call someone a communist or a fascist or to otherwise flex their conservative bond fides that it’s permitted to stand?

I’d add the same for liberal views on this site, but other than seeing people be sympathetic to issues of race, I haven’t seen explicit political arguments from the liberal side. People have pointed out the ways in which some of the orange people are sadly benighted as regards music, but its the orange side hurling all the insults.

Alas, Audiogon has a pretty thin user agreement so basically anything goes. Soon, this place will be like 4chan with the occasional discussion of turntables. 
Simple. Because as I tried to point out in my one post in one of the previously deleted threads, there has been (as is often the case) a lack of depth in the opinions expressed. As a result, not only does the content of the posts deviate from the strict subject of the thread (as required by forum guidelines) the posts become a vehicle for the poster’s self righteousness or indignation; regardless of which side of the coin is being expressed. Depth in communication style includes being able to scrutinize one’s own motivations for expressing the views expressed and, perhaps more importantly, THE WAY that we express them. A perfect example of what the end result of this lack of self scrutiny is the simple fact that this thread is headed in exactly the same direction as the others (deletion) and posters remain oblivious to their role in the problem. One doesn’t need to look far (above) to see what I mean.
All these guys decrying the misogyny in “rap music” crack me up... bet they’re real proponents of intersectional feminist ideology 🙄
Rap = recorded Migraine !!
Things that don’t scare me:
1) Rap music
2) Free speech
3) People voting
4) Equal rights for all
5) Negative sales trends for Old Spice, Vitalis and Metamucil as Audiophiles age
6) Different viewpoints
7) Bread that isn’t white

Things that DO scare me:
1) Cults
2) Deitization of flags
3) Voter suppression
4) Alternative facts
5) People who spend time thinking about a couple of straegic decisions Hitler could have made which would have resulted in a different outcome
6) People who have convinced themselves that equal opportunity for all has been achieved
7) People with only one chair in their listening room