Why We Need Audiophiles ?

I just want to share something I found on the web:



So they can sell their used stuff to us Audiophiles
I read the story, thank you.

A respectful article about Mike Fremer from a writer who is not an audiophile but now understands the passion.
Keep the 'flame' alive, listen to real sound, forever.
So the high-end power cable and speaker cable manufacturers can stay in business.
its good for the economy when people spend a lot of money. it increases gnp. unfortunately it may not add jobs.
Thanks for sharing that. Really terrific piece of journalism--illuminating and not snarky. Refreshing!
They need consumers and if a consumer wants to believe that he/she is part of some special group that prides themselves on being called audiophiles, so be it.
Becauce they are WAY COOL!!
You know I thought I was nuts...Now I know Im not alone.Want to say thanks for sharing that story was a interesting read.
Thanks Kapa. Nice link, good read.
the diversity of interests makes life intesrting.
oops again. i meant to say "interesting", sorry.
But I don't get how he ignores all the pops and hisses but then listens so intently for a pin drop or virtually inaudible changes with a $4,000 cable.
The pops and hiss are seperated from the music.
Vinyl rocks! thanks the sharing this article.
Thanks for sharing. I agree with Albert that articles like that put into perspective how some audiophiles have a great "passion". Not everyone agrees but like I always say "to each their own" :)