Why was the Naim/ELAC thread deleted?

I thought there was a lot of good information shared there.
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It went from acrimonious, to angry, to ugly, to way too personal, to sad, and then back to ugly. Then they called in a priest.

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Not the first time.  Many threads should go based on that.
Too many childish people on the internet.
First Amendment does not apply to Audiogon.
First Amendment does not apply to Audiogon.
To be sure it's clear, it does not apply to any other non-governmental organization or institution in the USA either.

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even if it IS applied, it looks like it has little to no usage, because individual voice is substantially weaker than the amplified one.


We started the thread to discuss good sounding combinations  that woluld work with the Adantes. 

It disinegrated because the moderators did not step in and remove comments and posts made by people who are not keeping the post on topic.

If you describe certain products characteristics in ways that some of those products owners feel is somehow not complimenatary in their minds they freak out, the reality is we never said anything bad about those products but attempted to accurately sum up how many people hear and feel about those products. 

Eventually we got the post back on topic and for whatever reasons the moderators removed it.

The reality is the Adantes are a very interesting set of speakers that will when setup with good complimenatary electronics is going to make  a lot of people happy if you like a wide soundstage, a very detailed treble, punchy tight bass. and a very dynamic sound you will love the speakers, if you value a warmer midrange, a smooth laid back treble, and a wide but less focused soundstage, and perfer a less tight warmer bass you will not like them. 

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ

I didn’t mean to imply that you started it all. Sorry if it came across as that as I simplified it into a somewhat humorous summary. I’ve always appreciated your input.

There was even a time when I considered getting the Adante AS-61 monitors to replace my old monitors but went in a different direction.

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Nonoise no offense we liked your comments. People posting on these forums need to lighten up.

These are tools you didn’t marry your speakers, or electronics, very few of these products is really pushing into uncharted territory, audio as with any mature technology seeks an increasing evolutionary path.

There are many valid points in audio as in life, with anything thtt  is subjective.

There is no right or wrong in audio, just personal perferences.

We see the merit in a lot of products it just depends on if you resonate with what each company’s flavor, marketing concept, and design brief is all about.

Elac will sell a ton of Adantes, and in time people will understand what they do and what they compare to and adjust their shopping expectations accordingly.

We feel that once people hear the Adantes on matching electronics and if they like their set of audible charactheristics, the Adantes should become a must hear in their respective price ranges the floor standers are going to cause a lot of havoic with competing brands.

We will see when we get our floor sample pair. Got the sub out yesterday bass is almost too tight, but more to come.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ
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d2girls. Boy you got us wrong, We never belittled anyones choices, nor did we ever talk down to anyone.

The problem here is how if you characterize certain products in someway some of those people are going to go insane.

Yes D2girls, most planers don’t kick and certain famous $2,700 speakers beloved here can be considered a bit soft on the top end.

If you actually read our posts we complimented that $2,700 speaker for being an excellent value if you love that speakers particular strengths vs weaknesses.

Our Elac speakers have a lot of flaws they also do a lot of things right when driven by complimentary electronics.

You have to understand that in 30+ years we have sold and listened to most of the loudspeakers on the market and that includes the brands we sell as well as the brands we don’t.

If you read our advice to another gentleman looking for speakers in the $8-10k range for use in a small room, we mentioned the speakers we sell plus a whole bunch we don’t.

Maybe you should re read what we write before you accuse us of what you did. we are very objective. We do have preferences as all dealers and people do, if you notice we don’t sell or recommend planers, after having owned many of them.

We like dynamic loudspeakers which tend to use high tech materials, such as ribbon tweeters, Heils, Beryillium, we do have soft dome/paper coned speakers and even have one pair of wideband full range driver with an Isobarik system.

Our philosphy is that there is not one right speaker or design, if we didn’t truly belive that we would not have so many lines of loudspeakers on the floor.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ

Anyone know a good service tech for Naim Nait 2 other than AB options?