Why Von Schweikert VR-1 too lower price ?

I saw many members selling their VR-1 under half price, now even dealer taking order for $449 for brand new pair. They have lot of good reviews then what's wrong ? Anyone experienced with these ?
chinese speakers
That's a good price for excellent speakers. VS loudspeakers are garnering some negative buzz due to factors having no relevance to the quality of their products.

Take advantage of the moment and buy the VR1 if you are so inclined.
Tvad is 100% correct. Take advantage while you can. VSA makes some of the best loudspeakers available to the public. the whole "chinese speaker" excuse is so old and unjustified that bringing it up any more is embarrassing to the audio community.
If our experience with Von Schweikert VR-4JRs are any indication, this means that there is a new VR-1 waiting in the wings and the stock of current VR-1s are being sold at a discount. Still, I have the VR-1s and love them. I recently bought the VR-4JRS (not the new upgraded ones) and love them. Even if I send my VR-4s back for the upgrade, it is still less money than new ones. Whether they are made in China is only important to a few. The sound is spectacular, especially for the new price.