why the limited number of Stereophile recommended components in the A and B class ?

So, I am a stereophile subscriber and find that the recommended components issue is my least favorite issue of the year. Just a lot of regurgitated reviews that are all over the place. The super expensive amplifiers and preamplifiers are there in the "A+" and a slightly interesting mix of components that are more affordable make their way into the top spots against the Wilson Audio's and the Boulder amplifiers. But not enough! I know I have been very Bryston centric for a few years but my God! Stereophile recognizes their DAC's and Digital music players but completely skips over their power amplifier products, preamplifiers, and phono stages. This slight has gone on for years! I can only conclude that this is purposeful. I find it frustrating that their newer cubed series amps in particular have been completely ignored by them. Now I have only done critical auditioning on maybe 10 other brands of solid state and tubed amps but I know for a fact that the current versions of Bryston power amps should merit a minimum of a solid "B" rating in the Stereophile rating solar system, what say you? 
I suspect it's the components they have personally reviewed in recent times. Still, Stereophile does laud Bryston's components and, if this is any solace, from a recent online Stereophile review (https://www.stereophile.com/solidpoweramps/bryston_7b_sstsup2sup_monoblock_power_amplifier/index.htm...)
"Hang around long enough, and your reward is often to be taken for granted or ignored. Canadian electronics manufacturer Bryston Ltd. has been around since the mid-1970s, and while—if coverage by Stereophile is any indication—the company has hardly been ignored, it's often taken for granted."
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I too, would very much like one of the newer Bryston stereo or mono amplifiers have a full and proper review done. Perhaps later this year? There are many months left in the year.
Stereophile likes to review amps that cost 5 figures. And then the reviewer describes the sound quality with all these preposterous superlatives and imaginative(and silly) subjective descriptions of sound quality. I quit reading them a couple years ago. Those guys should have to get real jobs. And their "A" and "B" ratings probably don’t mean anything at all. It’s particularly amusing when they speak of the excellent "timing and pacing" of an amp. Huh? Aren’t those things accomplished by the musicians in the original recording session?

Thank you @simao for the link. I have read this review of the 7Bsst2. It is 10 years old and essentially a negative review of their amps. I would think Bryston themselves could send a set of the 7Bsst3 mono amps themselves to Stereophile for a fresh look. To me this is a huge oversight. Now that the 7Bsst3 has been on the market for 3 or 4 years I could see where the opportunity for a review might already be lost based on some criteria that is constantly changing.

For those who are suggesting that my main concern is merely "why are there not more Bryston components on the Stereophile Recommended Components list?" I would respond that this oversimplifies my meaning.

@turnbowm - I guess I'm going to have to put my money where my mouth is and follow your advice by reaching out to Stereophile. In particular I have a request for Michael Fremer: I would like to request that he take a look at the Bryston 1/3 chassis (affordable) phono pre-amp products and perhaps put them through their paces. I would accept ANY review of this product if honestly done. Let the chips fall where they may. Perhaps it is just a matter of a manufacturer sending a loaner of the component that that are requesting consideration of. It is often illuminating to read the manufacturers remarks at the back of the magazine where manufacturers thank the reviewer but also try to set the record straight the way they see it.

The beginners column that used to be in the magazine I want to say has been discontinued. It was a good source of decent suggestions/reviews on reasonably affordable products that gave performance above their pay grade. This segment is being underserved presently, which is another topic I suppose that I need to get back to Stereophile about.