Why the lack of Virtual System postings?

If you've noticed the severe decrease in Virtual System activity since the new format was introduced, it is probably due to the restriction on included images, to no more than 50.
As I, and many others already have more than 50 included on our Virtual System page......we are unable to add any new ones.
This means that all the most active Members' Systems are stuck in a virtual 'Time Warp' circa 2015 👀💤
I have many new cartridges, power conditioners and cables as well as tweeks which I simply can't add.
I've written to the moderators and they say that their Tech Dept will modify this if enough members write in...💻
I have always thought the Virtual Systems section set A'Gon apart from all the other Audio Forum Sites and it is disheartening to see this feature wither and die...
What are your thoughts....❓

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Your post had me spending a few hours there! Not sure I noticed it was withering (which would be a shame). The variety of set-ups is amazing. Edit: just saw your kit. Wow.
Oh thanks...😎
I wasn't really clear in my question.......
When you click on the Recent Activity Link here, you get the latest postings on many of those Virtual Systems.
Often there would be a dozen different systems every day which had additions to them visible on the Recent Activity Link.
Lately there are only two or three systems a day with Recent Activity and sometimes there is none....😱
This never occurred with the old A'Gon and shows that the diehard members here who would keep their systems religiously 'up-to-date' are simply not bothering anymore.
And that is a pity and a general loss to the whole community IMO.

I believe the biggest factor in the decline in Virtual Systems activity is that under the new format posts by others to system threads in which one has previously posted, including one’s own system thread, no longer appear in one’s forum activity feed. I and others have suggested in the past that that should be changed.

There is a "subscribe" link near the upper right corner of system thread pages, but many people presumably haven’t noticed it or don’t choose to use it. And that link doesn’t seem to be present on one’s own system thread. So apparently the only way to become aware of posts by others to one’s own system thread is to look at it, and many people only seem to do that when they want to incorporate a change.

-- Al

This is very worrisome oh boy!!
@halcro WOW!  Your system pics are overwhelming. What do you do with all of those cartridges??  Hey...don't take this as slam in any way, I just find all of that gear remarkable.  When I read your original post, my first thought was Who is going to complain about a limit of 50 system pics?  Having looked at your system, I think I now understand.

Here's my concern.. I wish every Agoner would post their virtual system so as we read their posts we can look at their gear and have a better way to assess where they're coming from.  Seeing the system brings us closer to everyone involved in this community.

Haha...thanks hifiman 😎
I sometimes wonder myself why I need all those cartridges and the answer is....I don't 😜‼️
I've had mega-dollar LOMC cartridges but for the price of one of them, I can have 15 vintage MM cartridges and many of those 15 cartridges will give as much enjoyment as that single über price-buster.
And then it becomes a 'sickness'....
Is there another undiscovered gem out there which might sound even better...?
And of course I have 6 arms to feed and 5 of them allow for quick interchangeability between my many cartridges.
I am currently trying to pick my favourite 10 cartridges and match them to their favourite arms and then be done with it.....
But you know.....there still are cartridges out there I think I need to hear 🎶👀

And then there's mono.
But seriously, Halcro, can you not remove some of your old photos that may no longer depict your system as it is currently, and thereby sneak below the 50-photo limit?  You've reminded me that I am derelict in keeping my system(s) up to date, as described here.  On the other hand, I never thought anyone gave a hoot.  I should post some photos of my Victor TT101 in its highly modified QL10 plinth, to show what I have done to add mass and stiffness.
Jeez Halcro.... no wonder you need more than 50 pics!!  
Ok,Ok I get the picture....
You think I have too many cartridges and too many pictures on my Virtual System page....😩Sigh...
So your really don't want to see the renowned 40 year old Ortofon SPU-AE Gold?
or the legendary Victor MC-L1000 which has inspired the latest AT-ART1000 Direct Power cartridge?
Or the Yamamoto carbon fibre headshell (the new SAT tonearm copied this construction)?
So many images to add and no place to go 😭
So apparently the only way to become aware of posts by others to one’s own system thread is to look at it, and many people only seem to do that when they want to incorporate a change.

Good point Al....I wasn't aware of that 'subscribe' link either.
One question you may be able to answer......
In the old format A'Gon, one used to be able to attach a Link and by use of tabs [ ] one was able to 'name' the link instead of seeing the whole http:/etc.
I've seen some folks still able to accomplish this but I don't know how they do it.
Are you aware....?

type the text you want to be a link

tap the link button (looks like a chain)

enter the link tap ok


Ps cat #4 is clearly an audiophile

i still have some lps with ruined sleeves as my cat used them as a scratching post 😬

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I tried it just as you described it but I got 'SPUhttp://i.imgur.com/EqIWoaY.jpg' and I just wanted the SPU just like you have the 'voila'...😎
So I'm doing something wrongly....
How do I keep the SPU in blue but without the hyperlink added to it?
Lew, there are many of us who have been 'hanging out' for photos and reviews of your 'fixed' Victor TT-101 hoot hoot..🐦
The new format for systems is simply bad. You get no notification when someone comments on your system, every time I got there I seem to see the same systems over and over. It can take time for systems to load. Titles are harder to see and categories are harder to check. Basically Agon has opted for style over substance and functionality with the new virtual systems I absolutely hate it.
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I think I've got it....
My car
Thanks folkfreak...🎉
This thread got me motivated to post my system finally.
Oh the irony
The Audiophile craves change and is never happy.
But when Audiogon makes a change ...everyone I know wants it back the way it used to be.

Bring back Vintage Audiogon are the cries......

The 50 picture limit I have no issue with - actually think it is rather generous .
hell I even managed to include pics of my running buddy Koaltar and my daughters cat in mine.
But they are out of date so I agree with what Lewm said about keeping things current.
My next system update will be updated dog and cat pics

What sucks and Audiogon staff know this.

The pictures are not shareable - being able to link posts to share info and experiences. Sharing information is one of the main reasons we have public chat forums. Pictures are worth a thousand words. And personal system pics are the most valued to me.
Sharing pics now in posts involves bringing in outside links.  

So Audiogon staff are aware of this, from my emails to them last spring, but I feel their hands are tied as far as doing anything about it due to "business priorities"

Virtual Systems do not generate revenue. Revenue is what allows us to keep using the site here to chat.

I think they should just outsource it to Almarg....  

The issue isn't the pictures! It's that the old discussion format had a link to "System" next to every posters name on every post. When you read a post often the perspective of the poster is best learned by reading about his system. It used to be a click away, and now it's not, so people don't get there nearly as often. That's why comments on systems are fewer by many magnitudes. I raised this months ago, and @audiogon had no reply and didn't take the hint at what should be an easy fix to keep their activity up. Cheers,
+1 sbank!

@lancelock Thanks for posting your system.  I enjoyed looking at your room and gear.  Now I can keep your personal preferences in mind as I read your future posts!  Lots of glowing valves.  Bet its cozy in there on a cold winters night.
@sbank you are absolutely right and that is my main complaint also I wish Audiogon would listen to us.
sbank, if you 'click' on the Poster's name (in blue at the top of their Posting) you will see a box with [Details, Posts, Discussions, This Discussion].
If you click on 'Details' you will see their Virtual System (if they have one).
That's how I know your System is called "Silence of the Lamms" 😀
I actually think this is an improvement over the 'old' system.
I just wonder why A'Gon had to change the Virtual Systems set-up at all❓
I think it worked well and certainly....having the Virtual Systems at the front of the 'All Recent Activity' page was better IMO than having it at the end as it now is.
I think the biggest blunder they made when introducing the new system, was still not allowing the inclusion of pictures WITHIN the actual Post rather than having to go to a Link.
This, plus the inability to post a picture directly from one's computer (rather than having to use an external url address) has made A'Gon just a little less enjoyable for me.

@halcro Yes, I understood that but the "3 clicks away" is all it took to reduce Systems activity. Funny, that. 
Also, I agree with your comments about posting images. Direct 1-step insertion of images (uploaded or online) into posts would be a huge improvement. Cheers,