Why the hate for mcintosh amps?

Why dont people,like mcintosh? Who motivates this?

so what are the alternatives??
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@runwell What does? I have listened to manufacture's tests systems comprised of their top tier components and super hi-end speakers, that retail well over $600k. They sounded mighty dams good, but the sound still was no where near the real thing.


Well that depends...

One if you believe in that break in occurs in the first place. Solid State amps I think sound good out of the box. Others find that you need about 100- 300 hours for them to open up.  The tube stuff needs some time. The sonic character mellows a bit as the tubes get some hour on them. They age like a light bulb does so the sound changes a bit.


       Well,it is somewhat complicated. If you want to know the detail,I can explain.

There is live sound performance and amplifier re-produced sound.

so what is the standard of good amplifier?  Original,if the amplifier can make the soundstage as near as live,it is the good,but it is also very difficult.

so  let see the main points of the live soundstage we have,

With live soundstage , we have


high,mid,bass balance,

3d space ,



flavour,and more.

There are bunch of amplifiers we love and still not near to the live soundstage. Why?  The bottom line is the speed.  If the sound is very slow,it must be strong flavor to grip the listener ----- that are the old school tube  amplifier did.

Another line is the high,mid,bass balance

This brand is just have fat bass and slow. they just break the point 1 and point 2.

and left flavor only. Unless you are gripped by the their flavor, you will be happy with it.

Have I replied your question?

In fact,I do not want to say,as it will hurt the fans.






@walkertm  I believe McIntosh uses output transformers (like tubes) on some or all of its SS amps to give it that “house” sound. So it will take longer for a SS McIntosh amp to break in due to the output transformers.