Why the hate for mcintosh amps?

Why dont people,like mcintosh? Who motivates this?

so what are the alternatives??
Really ebm? You're a Mac guy?

Normally you go on and on and on about everything..

Can't get a word in edge wise.. :-)

Mac guy, who would have thunk?

Magico too. Nice combo, What do you use for a preamp/source?

McIntosh and Rolex are an interesting analogy.  They both are major brands that enable other companies to exist - are they the best?  No - but when did they claim they were the best and others were inferior? 

Saying a Mc is warm, syrupy and bloated is a lazy statement:
  • Next to my previous NAD integrated amp my McIntosh amp/preamp with Sonus Faber is clear, defined and fast. 
  • Certainly, my system sounds different than a Wilsons driven by Naim or Boulder.
Like everything else in this world, there's no accounting for taste and, for some folks, it appears there are no bounds to ignorance, as well. If you always or nearly always prefer the sound signature of something other than a MAC amp... good for you! If you like or love MAC amps... good for you, too! This is about as productive a discussion as asking why so many people hate broccoli or asparagus. Does that make people who prefer peas over broccoli or string beans over asparagus any more or less intelligent than those who don't? Does it make them any better or worse judges of culinary gastronomy? Is it productive to debate which flavor ice cream is best and connotes who has better taste? Of course not! If everyone or nearly everyone liked the same things, all the time, it would be a pretty dull world... wouldn't it? There's good reason why so many famous professional musicians prefer MAC amps over anything else and I don't think that has anything to do with those beautiful blue VU meters.  There's also good reason why so many people who can afford MAC amps choose them after hearing the competition. To argue that there is always something else that's "better" or sounds "better" than a MAC amp in fair A/B shoot-outs sounds a lot like that little kid in the neighborhood we all grew up with who always had something "better", bigger, newer, shinier or whatever, than anything you did. You know... that little kid who always had to be smarter? Threads like this expose those little kids! Chances are good that MAC amp owners have heard some of the competition heralded here by those kids with their snarky comments and obviously thought the competition didn't quite measure up.
I want to find a 452 or 462 for a deal! Not likely to find a deal on a Mac but I am keeping an eye out. Heard Big Mac Monoblocks on some Big Focal Utopias years ago. It was awesome! I believe those Monos were very pricey however.