Why the fascination with subwoofers?

I have noticed many posts with questions about adding subwoofers to an audio system. Why the fascination with subwoofers? I guess I understand why any audiophile would want to hear more tight bass in their audio system, but why add a subwoofer to an existing audio system when they don’t always perform well, are costly, and are difficult to integrate with the many varied speakers offered. Additionally, why wouldn’t any audiophile first choose a speaker with a well designed bass driver designed, engineered and BUILT INTO that same cabinet? If anyone’s speakers were not giving enough tight bass, why wouldn’t that person sell those speakers and buy a pair that does have tight bass?

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Some peoples speakers may require augmentation of the lower frequencies e.g. bookshelf/monitor speakers

They can be more affordable than upgrading to a speaker that has comparable bass perofrmance .
My case precisely. I like very few speakers but fell in love the sound of EgglestonWorks speakers but could only afford the Fontaines, not their bigger brother the Andras. The Fontaines require LF augmentation, the Andras, with their 12" woofers, do not. So I did what I could - added a pair of 12" powered subs, moved them to optimal positions within the room for smoothest bass response ... and voila! Andras sound on the cheap (relatively).

And contrary to the OP’s opinion, they (ACI Titans) perform very well, were not costly (relatively), and were not difficult to integrate.