why the distorted sound?

I recently moved my system, and when I plugged it all back in, I seem to have a very distorted hiss and crackle over the music on both channels. The distortion increases with volume. I'm running an old pair of Manley monoblocks driven by a Cary slp-98. I switched my pre-amp tubes around, but it sounds exactly the same no matter what. I wouldn't think it was the amps because for both to fail in exactly the same way sounds dubious. I have moved my wires around as well, but to no avail. I am far from experienced with tubes so any suggestions would be highly appreciated. BTW, I live on a small island without any repair facility even close.
IMHO...If your tubes are more than a year old, they may be going bad. "Crackling" is the symptom that usuallly tips me to bad tubes in my pre-amp. The Cary has solid state rectification to my recollection, so probably the 6sn7's need replaced. I hope this helps. Happy Listening.
Good point by Mcfarland. While it is unlikely a problem, have you rotated the selector switch to insure that the noise appears regardless of its position? Does the noise disappear when you hit the mute switch? Also, have you ran your amp with the pre-amp off?
A guess would be you have a noisy circuit with a refridgerator or AC unit causing the noise
I recently moved my system, and when I plugged it all back in, I seem to have a very distorted hiss and crackle over the music on both channels.

The hissing is the Morlocks. You need to move your system back then when you turn it on again you can return, find Weena and live happily ever.
Thank you all for your responses, much appreciated! I will order a quad of tubes and pray it's only that. When looking into the tops of the tubes everything seems ok, but what do I know??
Newbee-the noise does go away when the unit is muted and is present no matter where the selector is set. Also, I did run the amps for about 45 min with out the pre on when I re-biased after the move.

Thanks again for the responses, I will let you know what happens next.

Coe, I asked the questions that I did to establish in a simple way that 1) the noise was not in the mono's which was easily eliminated by either turn off or a mute switch and 2) that the noise did not originate in a source, such as a tubed cdp or a phono stage, which would have been revealed by simply changing the source using the selector switch and any noise from your source would have increased when you rotated the VC.

Now you have reduced your potential problem source to the obvious 1) tube noise caused by failing tubes, ot the not so obvious 2) a defective internal component in the pre-amp which has failed (or is failing).

Problem source 1) is logical, except that noise from a pre-amp line stage usually is constant and not affected much, if at all, by using the volume control which typically only attenuates the signal level from the sources. Since use of the volume control does cause the noise to be amplified it suggests to me anyway that the source of the noise preceeds the line stage tubes (I'm not familar with the Cary pre-amp's design so that my be a meaningless observation).

Whether the tubes are a problem or not is made unlikely because you are getting the noise in both channels and it is unlikely that they all go bad at the same time. Possible, but highly unlikely.

All of this, except for one other consideration, suggets to me that your problem arises out of a defective component in the preamp which serves both channels and will need repair by Cary or, perhaps, a local techie.

The consideration that changes the entire equasion is your actual level of attentiveness to a slow and gradual degredation of your tubes in your last set up (for what ever reasons, you may not have been paying close attention) and in re-establishing you are paying close attention and notice the changes.

Regarding a solution, you are doing the right thing, getting a new set of tubes. You need to have a spare pair or two about anyway so if that is not the solution you have not really lost anything. If the new tubes solve the problem your done and will have a smile on your face. If not you're going to have to box it up and send it for repairs. At least thats what I would do, and I would most likely us Cary.
Hope that helps a bit. Good luck.
Thanks Newbee!!!!!!!
"when I re-biased after the move."

Hmmm !
Bad tube I would say.