Why the difference?

I just purchased a Micromega stage 2 here on Agon. Now you may say fine lets move on. BUT it does not stop there---this stage 2 runs over my Phillips 963sa sacd player. Why the difference I ask. The Micro has better detail, air, bass, top end, and staging and is just down right quicker and this is a vintage player in the digital arena. The 963 has upsampling and features that should have the stage 2 running for cover. I placed a butcher block platform under the Micro recently and now I'll be using the 963 for dvd duty period. I suppose my only loss will be the sacd discs I have that can only be played on sacd machines and I only have a few of them. Very pleased thus far.
Newer doesn't always mean better.
I owned the Micromega when it was current. Wonderful performer. Horrible reliability. I had three of them and all had problems. Enjoy it while it lasts.
I have owned these players for years, very good value for a really good sounding CD player. I am surprised more people have not discovered them. They were Stereophile Class B Recommended component years ago but although they did sound good some units did by issues. I have had my Stage 2 for about 8 years and it has never had any issues. Also had a Stage 6 which now my son uses which had a noisy drawer because the lubricant kind of dries out, had it serviced and it too performs flawlessly. We also have a third stage 2 which does have some minor skipping issues which we are saving for parts. All of these players I believe have interchangable parts. If you find a good one hold on it to for a few hundred dollars its one great player.
Thanks for all the replys. This will be a keeper for as long as it lasts. May look into current mods if any. Stay tuned and good listening.