Why the cost increase?

I went to buy materials for a speaker project. I also priced some T-111 siding on 8" centers, 5/8 thick, Ship lap.
I hadn’t picked up any sheets or anything in over 18 months.

48" x 96 x 5/8 wood siding was 19-26.00 and on sale 15-20.00 per sheet, NOW 74-84.00 per sheet.

MDF 3/4" 48 x 96" if you can find it. 45-55.00 per sheet it was 22.00 to 27.00 per sheet.

2x4x8 DF stud grade 1.99-3.00 per. Now 4-6.00 per stud,

There is no shortage but there sure is a LOT of price gouging. NOTHING changed. Just the price..

The quality is worse. The workers aren’t paid worth a crap...Why the increase?

I’m getting ready to finish my home out. WOW.. I might have to rethink this a bit..

The price all most tripled in 12-18 months.. This kind of stuff is NOT cool at ALL.

Just my opinion of course. Any projects you’re doing get put on hold or STOPED?

YES I’m very frugal. Money never came easy, and it leaves the same way..

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I figured 100,000,000 Tax payers..

What is 100,000,000 into 3,500,000,000.

Ops I figured 350 billion to many zeros.. My mistake.

The fact is it's WAY over 3.5 billion from (at least) 15 million they admit to. In reality 20+ million.. There is a lot of cash flying around and not a soul is willing to say. Our politicians LOVE the money we don't have to account for... Why do you think they are there? TO STEAL and siphon and divert dirty unaccounted for money.

I know it's flush with corruption, I don't have to agree with it or put up with it, others can, I DON'T.  Gouge people and GO TO JAIL. Support those that gouge you get to join them. Pretty simple. Fill the jails with the right people not the wrong ones..

Vice has no place in our jails any more than the mentally disturbed.
BUT because of cowards laws, is easy pickens to OVER FILL and OVER PAY a privatized  prison system. Just as corrupt as can be...

They charge a lot, they give very little.  The turn out and return is double that of normally State and Fed ran pins..  Remember we still have the highest incarceration rate in the world..

How many are thieves, perverts, murders, rapist, extortionist and deal in human slavery.  NOT NEAR ENOUGH... But sling a little dope or sell that bootie..  Legal in one state 3-5 in another?

I just wanted to build some speakers..

BUT If I gotta overhaul the world to do it. I'll give it a shot..

The squeaky wheel gets the oil...:-)