Why the cost increase?

I went to buy materials for a speaker project. I also priced some T-111 siding on 8" centers, 5/8 thick, Ship lap.
I hadn’t picked up any sheets or anything in over 18 months.

48" x 96 x 5/8 wood siding was 19-26.00 and on sale 15-20.00 per sheet, NOW 74-84.00 per sheet.

MDF 3/4" 48 x 96" if you can find it. 45-55.00 per sheet it was 22.00 to 27.00 per sheet.

2x4x8 DF stud grade 1.99-3.00 per. Now 4-6.00 per stud,

There is no shortage but there sure is a LOT of price gouging. NOTHING changed. Just the price..

The quality is worse. The workers aren’t paid worth a crap...Why the increase?

I’m getting ready to finish my home out. WOW.. I might have to rethink this a bit..

The price all most tripled in 12-18 months.. This kind of stuff is NOT cool at ALL.

Just my opinion of course. Any projects you’re doing get put on hold or STOPED?

YES I’m very frugal. Money never came easy, and it leaves the same way..

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So now skypunk'd is playing the race card again?

The last time he tried that tactic is when I made fun of georgie's affinity for dingos. He even quoted my joke as "proof" and said he'd send it to the mods, which I encouraged him to do. Didn't go too well for him then, won't help him now.

Just like in the song, Sky Pilot, skypunk'd will never reach the skies.

All the best,
@nonoise I did not play the race card some one made a post, not me.

Also could care less about your liberal agenda and quotes from the Chronically Liberal Houston COVID Journal.

But since you like to lie supporting your Tyrannical agenda.

Stats are stats and per capital TX is way behind NY. Also TX is 6 times bigger than NY and has close to 9M more people (not including the 1M illegals that crossed into the Laredo District since January of 2021 a 400% increase over 2020.


Also with Joe letting all those infected people invading the southern borders in, it will get worse as they are relocated all over the US.

I am all for immigration as we are all immigrants but come through the front door like our for fathers did.

Mr Noise again you are wonderful and the smartest guy in your house. (Bet you are alone too)

And as Stewart Smalley said. Man Leeann is sleeping …..


I am going to leave you and your audience of 2 and move on to less divisive topics. Like about audio and that’s an area you seem to never contribute much to.

Good day kind sir.


So now you're calling me a scammer. I've never scammed anybody in my entire life and if you were any sort of polite person, you'd retract that. But I'm guessing you won't so maybe it's you who is the problem and not people who curse.

I'll tell you how I arrived at $3.5 billion. I assumed that on average the illegal workers make $40,000 per year, which is likely on the high side. 6.2% (the SS tax rate) of 40,000 is $2480. I have a source that says 1.4 million invalid SS numbers were used in 2019. So 1,400,000 times $2480 is $3,472,000,000 or approximately $3.5 billion per year. And when compared to the $6.55 trillion the government spends per year, it's totally insignificant. But worst of all, you didn't even acknowledge that it goes into the SS fund and never gets paid back out to the people who paid it in, so it BENEFITS you and yet you still complain about it. You're a totally illogical and completely wrong in your thinking on that one.

You have this terrible habit of ignoring the parts of my replies that are difficult or impossible for you to answer. That's how the incompetent debate, just ignore when bested. I got no reply from you on Clinton's balanced budgets, opening your own lumber yard to beat the price increasers (not scammers, price increasers) at their own game, and how illegal workers paying into SS actually benefits you. Maybe if you actually tried to reply to my actual statements, you wouldn't feel the need to go off on these bizarre tangents (see the next paragraph).

I don't have a clue why you are asking about my driving habits, but I follow all traffic laws and I never talk on my cell while driving. You make these crazy assumptions with no evidence and you just look foolish doing it, so just stop.
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