Why Speakercraft Starlet?

I recently looked into in-wall speakers and came across Speakercraft Starlet 6. Based on a few readings, it's seem to be a good speaker. I'm thinking of buying but not sure so I will play devil to find out:

1. If I want hifi sound, I should just use my floor stander.
If I simply want HT, a much smaller in-wall should do just fine.
So why bother with something in-between?

2. These speakers will look impressive and cool on the wall when someone sees them the first time since they are really tall but after a while it may become questionable that they are overkilled, too big. Note that these speakers are no longer in production and nobody seems to make such big in-wall speakers anymore. Let me know if there are, I'm new to this.

3. Each speaker requires 2 amplifier channels with gain control. Which amps out there can do this?

4. Anything you want to add?

I have the starlet 8 speakers and they are pretty good speakers. For their retail price, they are not worth it, but for the prices they are going for now on the net they are a good deal. The two amplifier thing can be a pain. My suggestion would be to use two amps you like (try to keep them the same) and out of your surround preamp use a Y connector and then send one through a reasonably price passive preamp before the input of the, I think woofers. It's been a while.

I use a Citation 5.1 for the tweeters and an ATI 1800 for the woofers. I just use some resistors to even the voltage.

As far a sound quality, they are a fast and detailed speaker. Their dynamics are very good.

Triad speakers are very good and my favorite is the James inwall line. I use the Starlet 8 for the left and right, a James for the center and Triad surrounds for the surrounds.

Next time I am going all James if I go inwall again.