Why so much trade in Audience AU24

My dealer says these are really good. In particular for the price point. At the same time I see a lot of movement on Audiogon. Not necessarily a good sign. I currently use Coincident interconnect and speaker cable. Any thoughts. Should I buy the interconnect or speaker cable for a test run?
I would never buy anything just because there is a lot of movement on audiogon.
The Audience cables are very good. I'm actually thinking of getting another pair. Why the movement? Probably because there are plenty sold. They are quite easy to resell if you decide they don't work in your system.
Since your asking for advise, why don't you call The Cable Company and audition a pair of AU24's and while your at it try a pair of comparably priced Synergistic Research Tesla cables. In my system Tesla cables replaced cables several thousand dollars more expensive and I continue to be amazed months on by their ability to combine speed and detail with warmth musicality and sound staging.

Why not give them both a spin and report  back? After all that's what makes this hobby so much fun : )

Audiophiles change cables faster than their socks these days. I see many brands becoming "old hat" as folks move on to the latest buzz. Lots of good cables out there for great prices. Buy them used.
Like any product sold,there will be movement; the more they sell/ the more movement there will be. Just because there seems to be lots for sale,alone,doesn't make them bad.---In my opinion---these get you in the game. There are hundreds of cables and as many claims regarding each. These just happen to be pretty good and so is the price. Sure there's better;--most often better will cost more. That is pretty simple. Since cables are system dependent;results will vary. The great thing about this site---most of us would have to stick with our 'whatever'.With this site--we don't have to.---Here we can buy/try/resell,and not lose much in the process.
To repeat,this ain't a bad cable to start with;or to move up to ;and used cables sound their best right away.
Audience has developed a good reputation over the years. There are many variables as to why so much trade on Audiogon,i.e people upgrading either in same line or different make, people want to just try something else in their system, and many more legitimate reasons. I would suggest that you try Leica's recommendation or just buy a used pair on Audiogon and if for some reason they don't "synergize" in your system, resale them and hopefully get your money back. That's the beauty of buying and selling on Audiogon. I have bought many pre-owned cables on Audiogon( already broken in is a plus) and later sold them and re-bought the same cable later because of system changes.
I had a dealer's response (private email) re. the Tesla line. What you got Leica?? Ic's?/ speaker?/ cords? /all ??
I have two pair of Accelerator interconnects and one pair of Precision Reference bi-wire speaker cable. They combine the speed and transparency of my Nordost Valhalla's with the warmth, low frequency punch and holographic sound stage of my old Designers Reference X2 (and then some). The remarkable thing is the entire set (two pair of interconnects and one pair of 8ft speaker cable) cost less brand new then just one pair of Valhalla speaker cables USED!

They are definitely worth a listen.

I'll have to wait till I pay off my AA. Maybe by then they might show up;used.