why so much Anthem?

I'm curious as to why there seems to be a lot of Anthem products on the market. I've been thinking about buying an integrated amp for a while now and the Anthem integrateds are some that I have been considering. Are the dealers over stocked? Is there a problem with Anthem products? Just wondering...
Good question Mattman . I've been buying some Anthem from my local dealer here in Calgary Alberta and asked the same questions. I prefer to pay a little more to support my local dealer and have worry free service than enjoy the considerable savings currently available on this site. It is well known that Sonic Frontiers was in finical trouble about 12 months ago and then sold part or all of the operation to Paridigm. They are both profitable, very I'm told, but the sale stock in the USA is still a mystery. This stock is certainly not available in Canada at the current advertised prices. There are 2 or 3 dealers on this site with low advertised prices so one starts to speculate that perhaps the US importer/distributor went bankrupt and the stock was bought up cheap. Or perhaps Sonics Frontiers sold off lots at low prices when in a cash crunch last year. There is one dealer with the logged name underwood wally who posts here from time to time who has some stock. Perhaps sir you could enlighten those of us and there are many to the real story. On a foot note I bought the new MCA 2 for temporary use in my 2 channel before it goes to the t.v. room and Im very, very impressed. It plays to a pair of paridigm studio 80s. Im currently listining to other amps for the final system and so far I've got to pay triple to make the upgrade worthwhile. My pre2 is on order. This is a poor man's sonic frontier 2 but again for the money you have to pay double in this case to improve. I was not overly impressed by the integrated 2. You can, for less, buy an Pre 2 and mca 2 and have better sound with lots more power 200w x 2 va. 80w x 2. then there room to upgrade I have heard the 2 back to back and that was my choice. Or better still buy the mca3 and when you upgrade to somthing better down the road you've got a great power supply for your front 3 channels in you home theatre, assuming you keep them seperate. cheers steve mca
Hey Mattman. I just purchased the Anthem Int 2 about 2 weeks ago, and I am very happy with it. Only problem I have is with the fit of the cover screws. Mine was shipped right from SF's distribution center here in Western N.Y. I also have the Anthem Pre1L and Amp 1, which I bought earlier this year. I am very satisfied with both setups. I recently sent an e-mail to SF re: the screws and because the wrong manual was included in the box. They said they would mail them out. I bought a black faceplate for my Amp1 in June (it came with a silver faceplate) and the service was good in purchasing this. I think someone brought this up before about Anthem, and they said, and I agree, get em while you can at the great prices. Check around on the web, there's some very favorable reviews of the Int2.
Thanks for the info. Anyone have an opinion on the Intgrated 1? I like the "tube" sound. I was thinking that this amp might match up well with Triangle Titus speakers. I've seen some good prices on the Int 1 lately. I was wondering why it was discontinued.
If you see a lot of Anthem, and can get a good deal on it, laugh all the way to the bank. This could mean that a lot of people are moving to different stuff, and are itchy to sell. There were also a lot of rumors floating around of the financial status of Sonic Frontiers, and how they were flooding the market. If true, Anthem would be out there as well. The trickle down theory? You are getting great equipment. Often, psychology is more at work in people getting rid of equipment than a product being good or bad. Anthem is very good. Buy it, make the most of it, and be happy.
Matt, if you are interested i "driving" Triangle "Titus", you can do it with any SET amps! Check on these new AudioAntiqueLab monoblocks. You wont need the pre-amp with them. Also, they have very nice integrated amp 8w triode, or 15w pentode! Regarding Anthem 1, you would be surprised, but that amp doesn't sound like the amp you would expect, from the tubes. I think, you would be better of, with Majik, as you intended to? Regards!