Why so many Vandersteens for sale?

Why are there so many Vandersteen speakers for sale here?
Vandersteen are among the most ubiqitous of audiophile speakers...something like 85,000 pairs of 2 models alone are out there. Next, Vandersteen is constantly making improvements and new lines. But not all the old models are upgradable, so alot of people dump their old ones to buy the new, better model. That being said, they are popular for a reason. They are truly wonderful speakers that excel particularly with regard to jazz and classical etc as they are very warm and laid back. Combine this with the fact that there are many old 2 models, which are still great speakers, that you can pick up for about $500 per pair and you have a great bargain in audiophile speakers. You can't go wrong with Vandersteen...except that they are kind of ugly. And their service center is pretty good too. Richard Vandersteen answers many of the info. requests.
I think it's just because there are quite a few of them out there. I also notice that many people (myself included) tend to upgrade to a better Vandersteen model at a later time. I'm selling my 3A's because they are a little big for my room. I still have my old 2C's. They're only worth $400 on the used market, and that's too low for how nice they are.
I think the other posters hit this on the head. You might as well ask why there are so many used Honda Accords for sale in the Sunday paper.
As above. They're very good, and very reasonable. If you're thinking about them, go for it!
Agree with others. GReat speaker, easy to drive, sounds good with almost anything. You can have my 2cis when you pry them from my cold dead fingers.
Vandersteen has sold TRUCK loads of speakers. They sold a lot (I am sure well over 100,000 pairs) so yes you will see a few dozen for sale on the used market!
One other factor may be a phrase I see a lot on my local Craig's List in the electronics section when it comes to speakers, "downsizing and don't have room". More monitors on stands these days as baby boomers move to condos and apartments? I also have DQ-20, but WAF is better with the 2Ci since nice wood top and mostly black cloth rectangular body tends to visually disappear, more so than the DQ-20, which also is mostly black with some wood, but with metal grille and sloped shape.