Why so many used focals?

I look on the forums to read and learn about owners reactions about focals and compared to many brands there's little action which would make me think it's a small company... til I search on AG for used focal speakers and pages of used speakers come up! Are they the type of speakers that offer a clear upgrade path OR are they short term speakers that wow the listener early and fatigue in the long term?

I couldn't be in the same room with focal's from the 90's, but the recent speakers have been very pleasing to the ear in auditions. Experienced reply's would be appreciated and please no hating on the brand. Tks
I can’t recall the model of McIntosh amp I demoed on, but know it was a two-channel. However, I found a Stereophile review of these McIntosh solid state mojo blocks. See: https://www.stereophile.com/content/mcintosh-mc501-monoblock-power-amplifier-measurements-0

The output impedance was no higher than 0.20 ohms from 20 Hz to 20 kHz, resulting in a frequency response variation of +/- 0.1 dB, regardless of which tap was used. So I really don’t think that it would have made a meaningful difference with the Focals assuming the amp I listened on was similar.
Another reason is this,Focal from the manufacturer level instituted a massive price drop on the Electra series 1028 and 1038 ,1038 dropped from 12,500 to 6995 for the pair at a lot major online players ,music direct ,world wide stereo,etc .other lines as well the 900 series at close to 50 % off !I’m hoping the same might happen to the sopra 2-3’s which would put my 1038’s in the for sale category.

That's exactly what McIntosh amps are designed to do with the autoformer regardless of the load characteristics. That's why you aren't going to get the best sound from Focal using their amps. Let me try to explain it...

With a typical direct coupled voltage source amp the goal of the amp is to just drive the voltage into the load regardless of impedance. If the impedance is high, it just pushes the voltage with less current. If it's low, more current. That's not what McIntosh amps do. 

McIntosh autoformers are designed to maintain constant power regardless of load. When it sees a high impedance, it doesn't just maintain the voltage and let the current float. It will drive try to drive the same level of energy, both voltage and current, into that higher impedance load. The same for low impedance loads. 

The problem is that Focal designs their speakers to be powered by a voltage source that lets the current float around a bit. Focal uses low impedance through the bass region to get the better bass response by letting the amp drive more current into the speaker. Beryllium tewwters cover a wide range and as a result swing from 8 ohm up to 20 with phase angles that swing downward. You see that bump in their response at about 10KHz because that's where the phase angle is about 0 degrees and the impedance is pretty benign. You're getting good energy transfer, plus that where 1 inch tweeters begin to become very directional. If you're driving it with an amp that only seeks to achieve flat output power, you're going to get overwrought highs as the impedance rises sharply past 10KHz and the phase angle goes more negative. The speakers is expecting to get less power in the form of less current. That's what it's trying to tell an amp that's acting like a voltage source. But that's not what autoformers do. 
The thread started when I started to research focal speakers from owners by checking forums and in comparison to other big players there wasn’t much activity . for example Dynaudio has 10,000 posts on a forum that focal has 1,000 then looking on the used market for price comparisons there’s as many or more focal speakers for sale....soo if, and this is really not science, but if there’s 10 to 1 active on the forums is it wrong to expect a comparative amount of trade volume? I’m sure there’s many reasons that have nothing to do with quality. Many people go online only when somethings wrong and that interpretation would suggest focal customers are more satisfied and upgrade within the same brand or are dealer promo's. there’s any number of ways to interpret the observation that have nothing to do with bashing the speakers I was seriously considering to be my LAST speaker purchase. Since finding these Usher BE20-DMD dancers i'm tapping the brakes on changing anything.

I'd say there are lots of brands that are disproportionately represented in forum chatter. Take Tekton for example. They Dell a tiny fraction of what many others do, but their costumers are absolute fanatics on forums.