Why so many used focals?

I look on the forums to read and learn about owners reactions about focals and compared to many brands there's little action which would make me think it's a small company... til I search on AG for used focal speakers and pages of used speakers come up! Are they the type of speakers that offer a clear upgrade path OR are they short term speakers that wow the listener early and fatigue in the long term?

I couldn't be in the same room with focal's from the 90's, but the recent speakers have been very pleasing to the ear in auditions. Experienced reply's would be appreciated and please no hating on the brand. Tks
Music Direct has the Electra’s?  If so, you’re listening to a speaker that has zero in common with any of the newer designs. Also, the listening rooms at MD are not good.  
I have Sopra 2’s and to me what really stands out is how balanced they are, a true “all rounder”.  They don’t throw the largest soundstage but they’re still spacious.  They have tons of air in the treble but never get harsh.  They have good drive and dynamics for rock music whereas many “audiophile” speakers sound weak.  They don’t dig super deep but the bottom end is very weighty with good definition.

You truly can enjoy every music genre and not be disappointed and that is not easy to achieve!
I agree with emcade. Don't sell the Electras short either. The 1028be and 1038be can sound spectacular. The 1028 be are my wife's favorite speakers in our home. She loves the way they look and sound (she has very good ears). I had to promise that I would not sell them.The drivers are similar to the Sopras (trickle down technology from the Utopia line). At their current close-out prices they are a true audio bargain! Our local dealer cannot sell the Sopras while Electra stock remains. Sadly, this won't be a problem for long! 
I have the Focal Utopia Diablo III's paired with a highly upgraded Plinius SA100mkIII power amp. Not only do the Focal's have an extremely good WAF, but with my system, they sound clear, detailed, non-fatiguing.  I have also paired them with a PrimaLuna Dialogue premium HP and they sounded fantastic.
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