Why So Many Raidho Speaker For Sale?

If Raidho speakers are so great, why are there so many pairs for sale here?  These are not inexpensive speakers by any means and it seems at least every other day there is a pair for sale with some people having them only a few weeks to a few months, and they are really taking a bath on them.  What gives?  Are they not as great as they are made to be?  Is Jonathan Valin a shill for the company?

I heard the 4.1 diamond at Blink High End north of Boston and was very unimpressed.  I have heard many other highly regarded speakers for much less money sounding wonderful.  So, what gives?

Um....OK....there are some pretty good posts in this thread and many don't disparage your speakers.  It's a public forum and it's aways interesting to hear what folks say about things, good and bad.  I have never seen a post by anyone saying it's time to mercifully end a thread.  Most large threads meander as this one has.  I know Raidho isn't for me, but I wouldn't' disparage them.  They seem to be polarizing.  They obviously have their following as do most high end speakers.

Not sure why you feel you need to let everyone know a thread is over or maybe I misunderstand your post (which happens with me all the time).  

I am not a clone of someone. 

I am not a "bo"

I am not a "moron"

It is easy to clarify someones id to look at his previous posts.


I am waiting for your apologies..,,

What's happened here?  LOL...are you guys kidding or serious?  Hope just kidding.


What a terrific system you have.  Love the Rockports, you have quite excellent taste.   If the poster was serious, then he definitely owes you an apology.  I started this post, how did it turn to this?  Enjoy that great system, mine is quite modest compared to yours.