Why So Many Raidho Speaker For Sale?

If Raidho speakers are so great, why are there so many pairs for sale here?  These are not inexpensive speakers by any means and it seems at least every other day there is a pair for sale with some people having them only a few weeks to a few months, and they are really taking a bath on them.  What gives?  Are they not as great as they are made to be?  Is Jonathan Valin a shill for the company?

I heard the 4.1 diamond at Blink High End north of Boston and was very unimpressed.  I have heard many other highly regarded speakers for much less money sounding wonderful.  So, what gives?

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Interesting thread to say the least.  I'm so surprised that folks aren't mentioning Vandersteen 7 mk 2's in their discussion of high end speakers of the highest level.  I've heard most of the speakers in this thread in folks homes as I've never been to a show (been in the hobby since 1969).  I think I have decent ears and I fully understand synergy within a system and room.  I realize that we all hear differently and even though I have yet to hear a Wilson or Magico or B&W that Iv'e liked, I do know many who love them and that's awesome as that's what it's all about.  

I've heard smaller Raidhos, but not their top of the line ones.  I couldn't get emotionally involved with them.  Based on this thread they obviously have a very loyal following, so I'm sure they weren't set up to sound their best.

I don't think its the speakers, I think its the name.  Lets face it, people who own them probably just get worn out telling people what Raidhos means.  The ride, journey part is ok though.

Raidō "ride, journey" is the reconstructed Proto-Germanic name of the r- rune of the Elder Futhark . The name is attested for the same rune in all three rune poems, Old Norwegian Ræið Icelandic Reið, Anglo-Saxon Rad, as well as for the corresponding letter of the Gothic alphabet 𐍂 r, called raida. The shape of the rune may be directly derived from Latin R.

There has never been a better time to shave the sheep than it is now, in the field of so called high end audio. Like on an assembly line, a "fine piece of equipment" is produced in somebody's basement and paying for his mortgage. The thinking goes like this: even if I sell only one, I'll be riding the horse.
And the economics? I had a friend who got into so called Timeshare business in the early 90s. The scam started in England, as usual. After all, they invented Ponzi schemes at an university decades ago. My friend organized Timeshare business in one of the poorest countries in the world. While we were walking and talking one day I asked him about his business. But during this walk, every half an hour or so he would rush into a nearby gambling area with slot machines. He would quickly lose few hundred euros and then get out and we continue our talk. That was a monthly average salary in that country. Although he was a refuge like me, he was full like a ship. He told me that the cost of the timeshare payable to the business owner in England was $4000. And my friend's starting timeshare price at the presentation was - $18,000! I asked how is that possible. He said he has his students on the street inviting people to presentation in the most luxurious hotel in town, completely free and no obligations. People would think ok we have no money, we go have a couple of whiskeys, spend nice time at nice setting, experience something. So they go and sales pitch starts about only $18000 and what you get for this incredibly low price. But we have no such money - says the couple (my friend said he is particularly interested in getting couples on those presentations). They didn't finish the sentence and my friend puts his hand on the woman's hand, looks her straight into her eyes and ask - How much you've got? Only 200. And my friend's second hand get on the woman's other hand while he proudly announced - Sold, you've got yourself timeshare!
High end audio is like timeshare. The real price should be 4 to 5 times lower than the advertised price. But who are the sheep, pardon buyers? In my experience, mostly people who played stock market index after each recovery. For example, S&P from March 2009 to this date goes practically straight line up. Let's say you are in 2010 and you see quantitative easing goes as expected. You invest 50k into the index (very important (I for example invested in Microsoft when it was $26 and now is $63, but I invested in a bunch of other losers as well) and your gain right now is at least 60%. You get $30k gain - and buy expensive speakers. You may think you gain money on stock market, but the very first day you bought those overpriced speakers you lost two thirds of the money i.e. you lost $20k out of those $30k. I.e. you purchased overpriced stock, pardon speaker. As simple as that.
I have reread this thread since the last post.  I notice that many on here have or know folks who purchase items on reviews and not on listening. I don't get it. I never have and never will.  I can't imagine spending any money on audio without listening to it, unless you get a full refund if you don't like it.  It's an easy way to lose money and stay frustrated. 

I just ordered my new Vandersteen Quatro's this past week as the buyer for my Treo's came to pick them up. I made sure to keep them in the system so that the purchaser could listen to them first to make sure that they were what he was looking for.  I"ve heard the Quatro's so many times in so many rooms and with so many electronics and I knew that I wanted them.  It's most probably the last speaker that I ever purchase, unless I win the lottery.

I notice many posters make statements about folks spending so much on their hobby and passions.  To make the statement that YOU won't ever spend that kind of money seems fine, but who are we to make those statements about folks who can afford to spend that money?  They are keeping companies in business as those expensive speakers allow those same companies to market more affordable gear to those of us who can't afford the more expensive gear.  I bet that 'normal' people look at any high end audio junkie and call them nuts for what THEY spend on their gear and music.  

As for the thread, I too have noticed that too many retailers 'get rid of gear' by selling their new stuff as used on Audiogon or other sites.  All that does is devalue the manufacturer.  It's been done for years.  Often it's a maker using a third party to move their gear to make something and not have to offer a warrantee possibly.  Often an amp company will offer their new products as B stock just to move things.  Personally, I will always try to stay with a company that stands behind it's products and keep their resale value.  JMHO
(1) After 177-odd posts its time to mercifully bury this thread.

(2) What's the big deal about highlighting selling Raidhos? For example, there are about a dozen TOTEMs up for sale on AGON and almost 3 dozen pairs of Totems currently up for sale on Canuckaudiomart.  

Many people either 
(i) get bored with what they currently have, or
(ii) ultimately determine that a sonic performance change and an improvement can be had, or
(iii) logistical issues predicate a change (financial/new home/divorce/ new electronics/ listening area change) 

(3) The RAIDHOs PROPERLY matched to supporting gear are among the very best top-shelf performers, bar none.

-- e.g. heard At the Toronto Audio Video Entertainment Show (TAVES) 2014 Show  

-- Raidho D-2 speakers: partnered with Audia Flight, Bel Canto Design, Jeff Rowland, Sutherland, and Dr. Feikert Analogue electronics; or,

-- Raidho D-1 speakers: These standmounts are an appreciable step up from the older C-1.1s, and that is why I've seen numerous trade-ins to upgrade to these. Audio people talk of synergy: you’ll hear what synergy really means with the Raidho D-1's partnered with the Devialet 170,  a set of Crystal Standard Diamond speaker cables, ...the actual ICs and quality built power cord escape me.