Why So Many Raidho Speaker For Sale?

If Raidho speakers are so great, why are there so many pairs for sale here?  These are not inexpensive speakers by any means and it seems at least every other day there is a pair for sale with some people having them only a few weeks to a few months, and they are really taking a bath on them.  What gives?  Are they not as great as they are made to be?  Is Jonathan Valin a shill for the company?

I heard the 4.1 diamond at Blink High End north of Boston and was very unimpressed.  I have heard many other highly regarded speakers for much less money sounding wonderful.  So, what gives?

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seems like cineese slave labor is far more pricey than USA's local mid-class labor
I give you another example; Monitor Audio loudspeakers are made in China. The build a factory overthere. The have the stock still in England. It is about 30-40% cheaper no to create them. This gives us a better price for the speakers.  It effects labour in their own country.

The biggest problem in audio is that people build their system on trial and error. We think that this way we will get the sound we prefer and the best sound possible.

In real this doesn't make any sense at all. In real it is a very ineffective way of creating an audio system.

When you are not able to think and work in properties, you never will understand why the sound and stage is what you hear.

Even simple questions in our world could not be answered by many people who work their whole live in audio.

I give you an example: A person who is distributer of different highend brands. He sell speakers who also make loudspeakers of over 500.000 dollar.

I asked him the next question: Can you tell me which properties I take out when I replace your loudspeaker by the B&W 800D3?  (we were talking about this speaker) And which properties you bring in when you connect the B&W?

He said: I don't know. So I said: This means that you don't have any idea why the stage and sound is what you hear?

He said: I think you are right. So I said: It is not about if I am right, you need to understand that the way you create audio is just a matter of luck.

Music is all about emotion. The emotion is inside the music. You need to understand how humans experience emotion in music. That is why we work by Tru-Fi. These are 8 parts you judge sound for. Each single part even infle\uences our emotion.

That is why each set created by Tru-Fi will outperform any set created by trial and error. And you know why?

Because it is more complete and owns a much higher level of emotion. This is choosen by each person. Because humans prefer a more emotional and intense sound.

Raidhos are THREE times more expensive than they should be, that's why.
Many other brands are overprices as well, e.g. Revel Ultima Salon 2 etc.

A guy tried to sell Raidho D1 on agon for $7500 but he was unsuccessful.

Many people are sheep and they should be shaved by dealers and magazine "reviewers". When I first heard D1s and when I heard the price and looked the face of the dealer full of himself, I spit on the speakers. They were no anywhere close to the price. Right now, if somebody buys D! used for $5000 it is overpriced. He won't be able to sell it next year for $4000
How did we just jump to NYC Real estate. I did not say High End Audio was the only business doing this but getting back to the topic. Yep its proven Raidho is super over priced. So are some of the smaller US Speaker Companies operating from their back gardens and charging Silly amounts for a so called Perfect Storm Speakers. Everyday their is a new audio company popping up claiming they have the next best thing. Personally iv gone back to horn speakers with high sensitivity and low powered tube amps.

Slightly off topic, I find MSB DACS in the similar bandwagon as Raidho.
I find horn speakers with Tube amps more emotionally involving than big Class A Solid State amplifiers driving difficult speakers, but that’s just me. Some claim Solid state gear is the future.